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Thread: Great diapered ideas!

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    Lightbulb Great diapered ideas!

    I'm a bedwetter and a diaper lover. I LOVE goodnites. I wear them every night! Anywho, here are a couple ideas for other diaper lovers. And you had better got a REALLY absorbant diaper for these!

    First, do you drink water alot, but get annoyed by constantly getting up for refills? Well, if you want to pee in bed alot without getting up... Get a hydration pack! 100 ounces of pee-pee fun!Put it right next to your bed or on your bed. Cover up in your blankets. Now, CHUG AWAY! It's more than enough to make you pee alot, so usually I drink nonstop till my tummy feels like it's about to explode. Then, as the pressure starts to fade, I drink again! Eventually... Your diaper WILL be soaked, and, if you drink enough, it might just leak! So be careful (:

    And now, if you're alone at home... And noone's going to be home for a while... Put on a diaper (preferably one that puffs up alot)... Go to the bathtub... Put in the plug... Turn on the water... And hop in! IT'S AMAZING! And... If you can... Poop!

    Anyways, I hope you try these. They both work GREAT for me! :3

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    Drinking too much can be dangerous and unhealthy. I would say drinking till you feel like you are going to explode is well up there towards the danger point.

    The bathtub one has been discussed many other times. In general it can be fun, but if the diaper breaks you can mess up the drain as the gel gets all over the place.

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    What kinda diapers do you recommend for the bathtub, would goodnites work? I remember saying I would try swimming in my goodnites and letting them puff up. :P

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    Goodnites, not the best bet, unless plastic pants are included. You still have a risk. I would try a pullup diaper with more absorbancy, then with secure plastic pants. It will feel funny, but isn't that a good thing?

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    Not sure. I use Goodnites. The only other diapers I can actually remember wearing is a crappy Shaws store brand bedwetting diaper, and pull-ups from when I was 4.

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    I too can appreciate the bathtub effect, and can say that I have spent a few hours cleaning up my messes due to it. From experience, Goodnites swell a whole lot, but if they didn't explode in the bath, then you might want to lay a few towels out under yourself because it only gets worse out of the bathroom. I would know. My carpet when I lived at home would also know... and still knows... -_-

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    100 ounces of water, especially all at once, is getting up there in the danger zone of potentially causing "water intoxication". This is caused by too much fluid diluting the natural sodium in your cells. This can cause you to have seizures, strokes, permanent brain damage or death. Healthy adult kidneys can handle a maximum of about 30 ounces an hour. If you consume any more than that you will not pee more, you'll just be retaining water in your body and brain cells.

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    seems like this post has just contributed very destructive and unfun activities, rather than cool ideas.

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    Oh, don't worry. I don't drink THAT much. But it's still alot, I drink in bursts of around 10-20 ounces of water. And cleaning pee-pee gel isn't THAT hard.

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    Well, I usually take the diaper off before I get out and put it in a plastic bag.

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