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Thread: ABDL on Tv!

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    Default ABDL on Tv!

    So on the Uk we have a documentry series on se and fetishes called sexetera on pick tv

    I just turned over to it thinking maybe they have something on us and omg, ABDl is on todays show!

    Surprsingly they showed us in a very good light. They highlighted a lot of the true reasons as to why people do this. It was honestly so great to see us represented so well! The guy they had on there highlighted the struggles, why people do this. The show seems to have researched us very well and even mentioned that there were big communities online such as ours :-)

    Sorry for my horrific phrasing anc typos, sending from my samsung tab at almost 4am so it's kind of hard to type this up.

    Hopefully somebody can find it online. I'm just surprised i turned over to this by flook and there it was :-D

    The host even admitted she liked the idea of regressing to get away from stress X-P

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    I briefly searched online but didn't find anything specific, sounds interesting though and I wouldn't mind watching it. Also is it called sexetera or sexcetera and is it from the UK specifically or from the U.S. or something.

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    Interesting... It looks like it's on Pick TV at 1am and 2am... There's no episode information on the broadcast EPGs though.

    Sexcetera appears on - TV Guide UK TV Listings

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