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Thread: plastic pants locally (dfw area)

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    Question plastic pants locally (dfw area)

    You might remember the post I had a while back on my new favorite combination (new cvs cloth covered diapers) but now I see a flaw in it...cloth leaks wayyy i need to know from any fellow texans on this board if there is any places locally, as in the dfw area, where i can find some decent plastic pants

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    Not a texan... but look in the phone book or online yellow pages for a local Medical Supply store... they should carry incontinence supplies like plastic pants.

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    You can get all kinds of neat plastic pants on the internet. I'm guessing that won't work for you?

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    yeah give me some good sites for plastic pants i guess...but i still would prefer somewhere local because i wouldn't have to worry about my rents finding out

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    ebay has lots and lots of choices...

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    try Protex.they are north of austin.they have good products

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    Quote Originally Posted by clothdl View Post
    try Protex.they are north of austin.they have good products
    Thanks but that's kinda far from home, about a 3 and a half hour drive to be precise.

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    How is e-bay shady? There are a number of quality AB/DL clothing vendors on there. I have gotten all of my cloth diapering supplies from e-bay... never had a problem.

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    Alright I've been browsing around and came across the leakmaster deluxe from and it caught my attention...anyone tried these before? care to give some input?

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