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Thread: Tips for first time buying diapers

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    Default Tips for first time buying diapers

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to this site, but from what I've been reading so far the community here seems realy nice. On to the reason I started this thred, I've been a dl for as long as I remember and I've been able to try diapers twice now, but for some reason I'm terrified of going to the store and buying a pack of diapers. Today I had to get some battery's, and I had the thought to check out what kind of diapers they were carrying. Long story short I could only muster up enough courage to walk buy and glimps at what was there. Does anyone have any tips to get over this irrational fear?

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    Be confident! Just go into the aisle, look for what you want, walk up to the cashier with it, and buy it. It is basically like buying anything else.

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    Providing you can discretely receive packages, ordering diapers online is almost always the lower-stress alternative.

    There are many other benefits as well... cheaper, better selection, availability of high quality diapers.

    Imagine how happy you'll be to have a drawer like that

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    If it's a larger store, get a shopping cart and buy a couple other things, preferably bulky. Then go to the self checkout and check it out yourself. Just be resolute and don't look at anyone. Know what you want to buy before hand, so that you don't have to spend a lot of time looking. Just go directly to the diapers you want, put them in the cart which has some other bulky items and get to the check out. Really, no one cares what you buy, and if you act normal, no one will notice.

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    I bought diapers for the first time about a month and half ago. I know the feeling of wanting to buy them but being too scared. Honestly, no one cares. The other people in the store don't care that someone is buying diapers(The only people that would care or even notice someone buying diapers is another abdl). The cashier's won't care about what you're buying. Everyone in the store is too busy doing what they are doing to spend time thinking about someone they saw buying diapers.

    Once you do it for the first time you'll realize how easy it was and kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Trust me, I'm the most cautious person I know when it comes to diapers.

    Just go in the store and buy them. Make sure you buy the right ones because returns are always a pain.

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    Do some research ahead of time so you know exactly what you want. There is currently a thread on the front page about the best store bought diapers. Once you've decided, go into the store, look at the incontinence aisle and make sure you are grabbing what you intend to get, and take it to the counter. Trust me, nobody will care And in the very off chance that they do, so what? You'll never see them again anyway.

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    I was fairly terrified the first time I bought diapers but I found this article very helpfull.
    There is a whole article section here on ADISC that I highly recommend looking through. There are even some diaper reviews to help you decide what kind to get!

    The first time I bought them in person I was very nervous, I just glanced at what seemed like a good pair and got out of there as fast as possible. After the 3rd or 4rth time though it gets a lot easier. If it helps what I sometimes do is look at my phone or a piece of paper for a while as I'm in the aisle so it looks like I'm looking for something specific for someone else. Good Luck!

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    I know I can't really tell you to just "Don't be nervous", so I won't...

    But try to look confident, even though you may not feel it, try to "Fake it until you make it". To help decrease stress, you can try some of the following:

    - Buy diapers for yourself that are made for the opposite gender. People won't think they are for you.
    - Use a self-checkout, no humans to notice anything.
    - Buy other things with them, make the diapers look like an afterthought.
    - Pretend to text on your phone in the diaper isle as if you are asking someone what to get.
    - Alternatively, know where they are, walk down the isle, grab a pack of Goodnites, and just keep walking, never stopping.
    - Bring a Backpack to put them in afterwards, so you don't have translucent bags to worry about.
    - "Half eyes", squint a bit, as if you were tired, it makes you look less nervous, even if you are as stiff as cryogenic glass when people look at you.
    - Pay with cash, so you won't fret about diapers appearing on your bank statement.
    - Got to a store farther from your house than usual, and one that you will likely not run into anyone you know.
    - When you buy, buy a bunch so you don't have to do it often.

    Eventually, you may not feel the need to do these things. When that happens, I guess you're free to pick up diapers as you like.

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    if you are scared of bumping into someone you know, go a town or two over. I done that until i got comfortable with just going in and walking up to the counter like nothing was up.

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    Sigh, ok you guys are going to need some back ground. Look I'm one of about 7 Asians in my little town and here everyone knows everything anyone is doing. On top of that I still live at home and my dad works with a TON of people every day, like so many that when I had my first kiss my dad know before I was even back from that date. Personaly I don't give a flying flip of what other people think ( it comes with always being different) of me. Oh and thanks to everyone for the advise.
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