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Thread: Frustrated!

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    Default Frustrated!

    So i've expressed my reservations about my relationship and tonight is one of the reasons. I've had him in diapers the past 2 nights and he is sleeping without them tonight. Yet no sex for me. Why doesnt he care about my needs, when I am always taking care of his???

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    My first question and probably the most obvious is.... Did you ask him for it? I am a guy.. so I am allowed to say this. We are dumb. We do not pick up on subtle hints and sometimes you just need to tell us what you want. Chances are, if he is like most guys, he wouldn't mind having sex with you, if you asked him for it.

    Now if you asked and he just said no, then you need to explain to him how frustrating that is and that you want him to take care of your needs too. Again.... guys are dumb. He probably doesn't even realize he is frustrating you.

    (*Turns in one 'man card' for admitting that guys are dumb. Sorry guys...)
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    *returns man card for being man enough to admit it*

    Yeah Alex has hit the nail on the head there

    Btw I suggest both you and your partner read women are from Venus men are from Mars (I'm now going to be suggesting this solution as standard for any relationship troubles, it is invaluable)

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    I second what Alex says, it is the truest statement ever spoken, for starters on MOST things we need to be told what you want because we wont pick up on your hints, its not in our wiring, however please understand that as a man with a wife, i have told my wife many times before that it is not that I dont love her or that I dont listen to her, but more that its just the way I am, women have a tendency of saying things like "i dont want to have to tell you, I want you to do it because you want to." But what most women fail to understand is that just because you are telling us to do something doesnt mean we arent happy to do it for you.

    So first things first, make sure you are not just expecting him to read your mind lol

    and second, if you are asking and he just doesnt want to, then you need to have a talk with him about compromise.

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    Default Frustrated!

    Love is a two way street. All giving and no receiving is not acceptable. If he does not immediately respond to your needs maybe you should give him the cold shoulder for a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misscrissy78 View Post
    So i've expressed my reservations about my relationship and tonight is one of the reasons. I've had him in diapers the past 2 nights and he is sleeping without them tonight. Yet no sex for me. Why doesnt he care about my needs, when I am always taking care of his???
    As someone who's been on the other end of this comment, I'd like to fourth or fifth alex's comment. I'd also like to add that in my case, after having been diapered by my partner for a couple of evenings, I didn't feel confident instigating sex because I was worried she'd take it as a selfish act/desire. After having been treated so well on the prior nights, I figured no sex would show her that she meant more to me than that.

    Turned out I frustrated the hell out of her and she was pissy at me for a week. We needed to communicate better; something we never quite got the hang of...

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    I would have to agree with both alex and happysnaps on this. unless you go right out and say exactly what you want or being VERY obvious about what your intentions are a lot of guys may not know what you actually want.
    as for happysnaps reply i can seeexactlyy what he is talking about, he may feel that sex is more enjoyed by him then yourself and feels it selfish to initiate it.

    moral of the story is communication is extremely important in any relationship.

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    I was laying here playing with myself and he helped for a minute then rolled over. Just seems like he doesnt want anything to do with me unless I am putting him in his diapers. He expects me to keep it up babysitting him for hours at a time, but with me he doesnt spend 5 minutes. I know he is attracted to me and he knows I am very much attracted to him! But its like he can't get off by just sex with me. Is this an issue for other DLs?

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    Sounds like he's just suffering from a bad case of being a selfish prick... again, something you should talk to him about directly. If you have enough trust in your relationship that he can share his need for diapers with you then there's also enough trust to talk to him about where he's letting you down. If you're worried he needs diapers for any gratification, then it's something you should also ask him about.

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    I feel like its me being selfish. I entered in to our relationship knowing it was a big part of him. I fell in love with him knowing what he expected and still love him the same! We do talk about it all the time. I guess even after 4 years i still don't understand it completely.

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