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    Ok, I don't know what i should do. I really want somebody to talk to about all of the stressful things that are on my mind in relation to my future, and my current life in which i live in a home where I know I made the worst mistake by telling my parents about my AB/DL'sm. I really wish i could tell somebody straight out everything in my mind, and then help me make the best choice of my options, but i feel like i don't have anywhere to go.
    I obviously can't talk to my parents about my thoughts, because they will never permit factoring in the equation that i'm a "little" and that is the way it is.
    Counselling costs money, which would stress me out. Pluss the psycologist i last saw was a straight shooter for being a 'normal' person, so he was against infantilism, even though i was the first he had ever heard of.
    None of my sibling know and I don't think they could handle it well.
    My best friend knows, and is amazingly accepting and encouraging of it, and is going into psychology, and though would be the most likely candidate, I don't want to make our friendship awkward by me always telling him all of my problems, all of the time.
    The last religious Councillor i had didn't put as much research into it as he had said that he would, and then told me that wearing diapers would ruin my life, and though i now have a new religious leadership I don't trust that He'll do any better with such info.
    And i love Adisc to death, but it isn't always the same when you can talk to somebody in person.

    I don't know really what i'm asking of you guys, but i'm just feeling stressed out, I don't know what to do when i don't feel like i have anybody to talk to, about what i really want to talk about.

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    I'm no psychiatrist, but you can talk to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDrummerGirl View Post
    I'm no psychiatrist, but you can talk to me...
    Well thanks, that would be nice.
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