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Thread: Are adult diapers made differently than baby diapers

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    Default Are adult diapers made differently than baby diapers

    I know with adult diapers when you pee, you don't need to change right after. They can hold certain amount of wettings before you need to change. but with baby diapers, I hear you need to change after one accident. I have heard of parents changing their kids when they were hardly wet or only slightly or after one accident. To me it's always been a waste of diaper. I always thought they need to wet more than once before needing to be changed. But some people have told me you are supposed to change them after one accident or they get rashes.

    My husband told me their diapers are made differently than ours, is this true?

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    Babies need to be changed more often simply because their skin is far more delicate than a grown persons skin, which means rashes can develop more quickly. To this end, making baby diapers less absorbent makes sense; as it would serve as a reminder that babies need to be changed more often as needed.

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    I wonder if an elderly needs to be changed more often because is their skin delicate too? Our bodies decline as we age so our immune system starts to shut down, we lose the skills we have developed due our bodies declining so we get more sick when we are old.

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    Don't forget that baby diapers are made to hold urine from much, much smaller creatures! Baby bladders don't produce quite as much as adults by a long shot.

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    I would say there're made on the same principle. With a major difference in absorbsion. I would say adult pullups are designed mainly for pee. Where taped

    or briefs which are basically the same are also designed for bowel IC. Baby diapers are designed to handle both with more frequent changes. I'm in my day

    diaper now which I've been in now about 12 hrs and wet twice. Pulled them down 3 times to go potty. Will be changing to night time one here shortly.

    That one will be soaked by 7:00am when I'm up in the morning.

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    It's more to do with a baby's skin being more sensitive than adult skin., and their bladder being much smaller so they don;t produce as much urine.

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    I'l echo what other people are saying: Adult's skin can take a lot more beating than a baby's. We also aren't as prone to infection because of a better immune system.

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    I think the main reason why most adult diapers are pure crap is because the company that makes them know that the people that have to wear them have no choice, and often don't want to tell their opinion on them they are too ashamed, for baby diapers, that's a total different story, parents aren't ashamed of saying what they think about baby diapers if they don't work like they are supposed too, that's why the adult diaper market is filled with a load of pure crappy products that would need a serious redesign to work correctly.

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    And some baby diaper packs say they are super absorbent? Especially the ones that say they last 12 hours and they are for night time use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    And some baby diaper packs say they are super absorbent? Especially the ones that say they last 12 hours and they are for night time use.
    The "12 hour" diapers are the "normal" absorbency diapers, as I see it (e.g., Pampers Baby Dry). They claim to be suitable for nighttime use, but then both Huggies and Pampers also have special nighttime diapers too (Overnights and Extra Protection). Those are much more absorbent.

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