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Thread: Is Drycare 24/7 the same diaper as Mega careLine???

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    Default Is Drycare 24/7 the same diaper as Mega careLine???

    I've been looking for premium diapers online and noticed that Mega CareLine
    looks identical to Drycare 24/7.
    Who here has compared them?
    Are they the same?

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    I do not believe that they are the same.

    Mega Care Line is purple... but the similarities pretty much end there.

    Dry 24/7s padding is wider in the front, and the plastic outer shell has a softer feel to it.

    Also, only the Large Dry 24/7s are purple... the Mediums are blue.

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    Well there goes being able to get Dry 24/7 in a size that fits. I currently have to cut both the front, back, and top of the diaper and use tape in place of the tabs for it to fit, and the other size is at least 7 inches short.

    It is a good product, but they are idiots in the small/huge size while skipping the medium that I think a good percentage of wearers fall in. They are just not worth the hassle of having to custom fit each one.

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    I will admit that the Dry 24/7 sizing is a bit odd. The mediums (blue) are pretty snug on me... almost to the point of being too small... but the larges (purple) swallow me whole. I really do like the Drys... they're good for the price... but honestly I'd rather have the Abri X-plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I'd rather have the Abri X-plus.
    I guess I'm just bored with the Abeni brand. I like the soft feel of the
    dry 24/7, but am primarily in a search for a premium diaper that satisfies
    my wants including look and fit. Unfortunately it is most likely a futile

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    Tried Secure X-plus?

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