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Thread: Howdy Yall here is my story about how i got into it!!!

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    Default Howdy Yall here is my story about how i got into it!!!

    My name for introduction sakes is Frost this is my nickname in real life for a good reason mainly my birth was a cold one. I was born in my house in the middle of a snow storm when the power was out. This is my story of how i became a DL/AB and i hope u like it. I realized my love of diapers during a vary young age. The first time i was caught was when i was just getting out of diapers during the day. I was about 4 i think. I had gone to Kmart with my mother and father i had been out of diapers during the day for about 8 months then. I was going to the bathroom with my father i remember racing in to the bathroom before my father to see if my stall was open i call it my stall because i had a hiding spot in it where i hid diapers i got out of the dispenser for free because they never locked it. The week before my mother took me and i hid one in my stall i raced into the stall and there it was i faked going to the bathroom to put it on and did the feeling was amazing even at such a young age it felt like i had missed them for years i was in shock i was stunned just stood there taking in the sheer overwhelming feeling of it. That's when i was kicked back to reality as my father bust into the stall and was stunned he saw my pants on the floor and my underwear in them he then grabbed my underwear pulled up my pants on me with the diaper still on and pulled me out into the store again where he proceed to tell my mother what had happen what he saw and nothing was said about it afterword. A lapse in time later a few years later i tried to quietly steal my little cousins diaper. When he walked in and saw me i think i was about 8 at the time. My aunt left a couple of his diapers for me to wear after talking to my mother. My mom talked to me about it and said if i wanted to i could stay in them but at the time all i could think about was how i was a disappointment to them wanting to go back into diapers after they tried so hard to get me out of them so i said no my mother insisted that punishment for trying to steal the diapers i would stay in them for a couple of days and i did she would diaper me every morning and check up on me every once and a while to see if i was wet or not and every time she did i would ball my eyes out saying i wasn't a baby we stopped after i finish the box she bought me in my size and went back to normal though my body yearned for the feel of them and i keep wetting the bed. Fast forward about another 4 years about the age of 12 I'm finally getting out of diapers at night but still having accidents my body had given up its like it knew i was to big for baby diapers anymore. Fast forward another 4 years 16 years old I'm starting my second job at a Convenience store in the town where i now live haven't thought about diapers for a long while now and they wouldn't have crossed my mind if it hadn't been for a couple of Asian men who had come in to the store that day. They didn't speak English well and asked me in simplest terms where are the diapers i directed them to the baby diapers seeing as i didn't know there were adult diapers at the time they came back to me a while later and asked me where larger diapers were i was confused and didn't know what they meant so i took them to the largest diapers in the baby isle and they looked confused and a little frustrated they then tried to explain it to me as best they knew how it took a little bit but finally one man took the diapers and pointed at his elderly father and said diapers for him i must have looked like a deer in the headlights because it finally clicked at what they were saying and my fascination in diapers was renewed at the same time as quickly as i could i snapped out of it and tried to apologize as best i could i did know quiet a bit about some Asian culture and bowed deeply in regret and lead them to the pharmacy area as best i could they said they could fine them after i told them i didn't know where they were. The rest of the week i couldn't stop thinking about them or finding myself pulled to the pharmacy area when i was working. It took me about another 3 months to build up enough confidence to buy them but eventually i did and i was enthralled weeks on end i would lock myself in my room during the day and sneak out the used diapers when i went to work throwing them away when i got to the outside trash can i even started taking the trash around back as soon as i got to work my boss thought i was being a dedicated worker when i was only really covering my tracks even more. I keep this up until one day i forgot i didn't work the next day because of all hallows eve so i hid the diaper under my bed and didn't think about it assured no one would go in to my bedroom by my mother i went to trick or treat with a friend, his little sister, big sister and his future step brother. I liked my friend a lot but being 16 didn't see my self tick or treating until he told me his little sister was going he knew i had a soft spot for he and he exploited it to no end so we went but this time i had a costume that no one would suspect i had a diaper on underneath i was a vampire i believe that year that i had my mom help make and it was just a long flowing dress almost the reason i call it a dress is because the only thing holding it on was the arm holes so i had made the plan fifteen minutes before my friend got there i was to put on the diaper and costume go up stairs and have my mom help me with the make up well that didn't go as planned five minutes before he got there i remember i was going out and begged my mother to help me she told me to go get everything on and she would be down to help me in a sec. So i rushed down stairs and hastily put the diaper on and had the dress over my head not quite on yet as my mother bust into the room just as it slipped down i don't know if she ever saw it or not but i was screwed i hadn't put anything on underneath the dress and my mother i know could smell the baby powder and see the bottle on the desk next to my bed she asked me about it i said i had heard it worked good to act as face whitener to make it look more like i was dead she shrugged and said she had face makeup of course i said ok and went about getting my makeup done for the costume and walked up stairs i almost passed out because i could hear the crinkling of the diaper from underneath the costume i stopped and my mother stopped behind me asking what was wrong i said i forgot my candy bag and ran back in my room while my mother went and told my friend i would be up in a minute i hurriedly got a pair of shorts on which muffled it a little but to my horror later on only increased the volume of rush of air when i sat down and the smell of baby powder when it did besides a couple of strange looks from my friend the night went fine and we came home to drop me off. When i walked in the door my mom asked me how it went and she said also me and your sister were cleaning your room and found a used diaper i told her it was probably a dare she said probably not so what is it i stood there stunned and started yelling about how it was my room and that she broke her promise to me and at the end of it she apologized and still wanted to know the answer i lied and said it was a dare and that the diaper was filled with mountain dew to which my sister called me out on and my mother stopped her in her tracks. That was the last time i wore diapers for a while to cover my tracks for a little bit. Fast forward a year and i started wearing again on and off for the next 10 years in private till i read a story were a man was sorry for keeping his a secret from his family which drove him apart from his so about two months later and a lot of b.s. happening i finally told my parents about me being a DL/AB and they just said dont tell anyone else and keep it out of site i told them ok and asked if they had any questions to which my father started and stopped with never mind the less i know the better. I have been wearing off and on for a while now pretty much when i can afford it and when i can't. Ive told multiple friends who are fine with it just as long as i keep them out of it and that's where i am today.

    A little about myself i love anime japan DND video-games action moves and anything to do with electronics. I am 25 yo blond hair blue eyed 6' tall man a little chubby and i do have a gf who doesn't know i don't really need diapers yet but she dose know i do like to wear them so i hope i can get her to see change her mind about them and join me as a mother figure to my 3 year old self. Thank you for reading and i hope to hear from a lot of you.

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    Wow. That was some intense reading. May I just say wall of text? :p might want to break that up a bit. So what else are you into apart from diapers?

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