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    I've been looking for a new diaper to try since I dislike Assurance so much. Well a brand-new Walgreens opened up in town and I got curious as to whether their diapers are any better than Assurance. Well let me tell you, they are really great! I've wet about seven or eight of them, and not one leak yet, even when I've had a full bladder and totally dry diaper. Also I love the velcro and cloth cover; the cloth cover feels great on my skin and the velcro lets me make adjustments without worrying about the tabs losing their stickiness. I love going down to my workshop in these and know that I can stay down there for hours without having to get up to go to the bathroom(I have a fully stocked mini-fridge down there for lunch). I only wish I'd had these for Sleep in Diapers Friday, but there's always November.

    I really like these, and as good as they are, I can't wait to try out the ATN Tranquility brand at the local medical supply store when I run out of Walgreens diapers.

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    I'm glad you like them M. However, I won't try them because I hate cloth backed briefs. The ATN's are so much better, you are going to love them.


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    The walgreens are good, I guess, I just hate the way the tapes are placed??? maybe it's cause I'm a chick, but they fit me like granny panties. Ew.
    but I'm glad you found your thing!

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    The wallgreens and CVS diapers are actually the same product... just different brand names on the outside.

    I haven't tried them myself... but LuvsGurl swears by them for daytime use.

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    I tried those when the plastic backed supply of CVS diapers dried up, and I can say I didn't care for them, I did like the velcrow closure because you could readjust it, but that clothlike stuff is not for me.

    I stick with the assurance with the stuffers I use, because without them there S**T.

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    If you add stuffers to the CVS diaps they're amazing! So cheap too and convenient if you need to pick up a pack.. CVS is everywhere!

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    I would highly recommend Tranquility ATNs. They're a good all around diaper that doesn't end up too thick yet can take a number of wettings and still be alright.

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