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Thread: First Time Getting Diapers

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    Default First Time Getting Diapers

    I was thinking in my car at the cvs parking lot that i was just gonna go in there get some diapers, and walk out (of course pay for'em). But I was in there for at lest 30 mins contemplating on whether or not I could do it.

    So I walked around looking at random stuff & I went by the diaper isle when no one was their looked at the prices and grabbed there biggest size.. Then went down a couple isle toward the cashier desk & finally made my move.

    I was so nervous on what was gonna happen. She just rang it up & I went on my marry way. I'm so glad just bought my first pack of diapers from CVS..i got the Sleep Comforts (cvs brand) and I almost walked out of their with nothing.

    It was worth it all & now I'm sitting at home with one on.

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    Yeah, the first diaper run can be super-nerve racking. But you did it. Hope you enjoy them!

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    Everyone start in this way.

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    Default First Time Getting Diapers

    If the clerk asks who they are for just say you're buyin em for a relative!

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    This is so true for most everyone.
    It does take a while to build up the courage to get them.

    I remember it being worth it as well.
    Tho when you can I say order better kinds online. Its all I do now.

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    No matter where I buy my diapers no one has ever made any kind of comment. Nothing! Zero! Nuttin'! The clerks in the stores don't care what you are buying, for whom, ever! Relax and take your time to purchase what you want. You have nothing to worry about as far as what the clerk thinks.

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    This has happen to most of us at one time of another but all you can do is go in and hope for the best. You when to battle and got what you wanted. I'm happy things end well for you.

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    congrats on your first purchase! i just did a purchase a few days ago.

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    The first diaper run is always a bit nerve racking. I treat it the same way as if I was buying condoms or anything of that nature. I usually will go to my local cvs or walmart at a random time of day when I am sure no one will be there that I know. I then find the isle that I need and map the fastest way back to the cashier. I stalk around the isle till no one is around, I then grab the product hold it to my side so no one in the store can see unless they stare, go to the counter with the oldest person (I don't want to go to a young person, they are normally cute lol) and pay and fast walk to my car. But the first time is ALWAYS nerve racking, after a while you get used to it and it becomes no big deal. Congrats on the first diaper purchase! Enjoy your diapers !

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    I never had a hard time buying goodnights as I could easily need them for a child. But buying my first pack of real diapers sent me up the wall but when I picked them off the shelve I started to act like there was nothing wrong and everything went smoothly. But I'm excited because there is a CVS going in by my house so I can get them there instead of Target or other store of the sort.

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