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Thread: Are we naive or just live in world of Illusion?

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    Default Are we naive or just live in world of Illusion?

    So let me start with this it seems everyday I heard good stories about people accepting who you are in ADISC.(Well there are also some sad stories about accepting too). And finally many people said "I'm happy for it maybe the world will change and accepting us". That is good but you know what I don't think so.

    So yeah We have supporting family or friend and it seems that people are more openly right now about some "weird" stuff. But that is from our point of view as ABDL. So couple of days ago I'm bored and decide to searching in Google. And in the end it led me to Yahoo Answer. Guess what there is a mother who ask about finding diaper in his son room. Yes the best answer is maybe good and reasonable but it is the other answer that make me sick. "You gotta take your son to shrink or he will become pedophile" "Your son is a retard and what's wrong with people these days who liking diaper" "He is some freak" "He has sexual disorder". I'm sick with the answer.

    And if you type "My son likes..." in Google you be surprised that Diaper is come out behind wear girl clothes or Lady Gaga(LOL). So we think that people are more accepting these days. I said NO f**k NO. I think it's either we were so naive or we just live in world of illusion. So I will never believe that people are gonna recognize us and respect us. No they are gonna think we are Retard,Mental Issues,Freak,Pedophile and the truth is we will never be accepted in the current world.

    Sorry people I think I write this one with anger and I pray for all of people who has accepting issues with ABDL. May world become better place to live.

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    I never once have thought that people are more accepting these days. People are and always have been judgemental. I show people that I get into relationships with pictures of me wearing and dressed in baby clothes and they all seem to accept it till they actually see me do it. I got married to one of them and he kept telling me how stupid I looked and wouldn't even touch me in bed if I wore a diaper. The guy after that said he would also wwant to wear diapers and even wore for me on cam. When I came over to his house and wore in front of him he got angry with me and again wouldn't touch me. Sooooo yeah the world is a cruel hateful place.

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    I regularly see people say that they'll be accepted by their parents when they come out as an AB/DL because they "know" their parents will accept it when there is no guarantee. The fact that some people don't accept this and find it disgusting should not be surprising to anyone, perhaps when your own parents do it it is different but we should never forget that anyone we know whether it be parents, grandparents or our best friends could react that way. If you forget that then you're in a world of delusion. Yes it sucks but there are intolerant people out there, even now there are people who don't believe that black and white people mixing together is a good idea so the fact that not everyone is tolerant to the idea of some people finding diapers sexual should not surprise anyone.

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    The world just has too many uneducated people who are swept away by whatever crappy hateful causes they are exposed to the most. It's because there isn't enough value in education in most places in the world...

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    Default Are we naive or just live in world of Illution?

    My parents aren't overly found of it but they accept it. My mom has actually told me that my fursona is a good representation of me. I've told a handful of my IRL friends and they accept it too.

    Ultimately, no, not everyone (maybe not even most people) will accept that someone is an AB or a babyfur. Even many parents will reject it. But the picture you paint is oberly bleak. There are plenty of really open minded people out there, it's just a matter of finding them.

    Not to mention that the comment section of Internet website is pretty much where you'll find the worst of humanity, so something like Yahoo answers is about as skewed as the group of weirdos from back home that I call my friends, except in the other direction.

    And hey, at worse we have each other.

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    "My son likes..." in Google you be surprised that Diaper is come out behind wear girl clothes
    I am surprised with this information! I don't think that so many mothers search about this

    - - - Updated - - -

    To google suggest the word "Diapers", I think that ABDL should be a thing pretty much common then we usually suppose. I mean, many mother should caught there sons wearing diapers, or find out that their sons are wearing diapers.. Maybe even more common then people wearing girls clothes...

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    Default Are we naive or just live in world of Illution?

    Keep in mind that Google is not evil. As such it tracks pretty much every website you go on, which allows it to, err, customize your browsing experience. Point is, you can't assume the suggestions you are seeing are the ones everyone is seeing.

    For comparison, what I get:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    Keep in mind that Google is evil. As such it tracks pretty much everything they can get their hands on
    fixed that for you.

    On topic: If you put the idea out there to any person who has never heard of it before, it's sort of an odd thing to be into and depending on the person they may leap to all sorts of conclusions. I think its perfectly rational, if you've never heard of this before to think about consulting a psychologist about if your son or daughter's like for diapers may be something more. Asking someone offhand what they think of a diaper fetish is doubtful going to get a positive response, just like asking someone about any fetish.

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    I agree with Archer, we will never be accepted in society. Simple as that. Though not many, if any, types of sexual lifestyles/interests are actually accepted. At least in the US anyway.

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    Default Are we naive or just live in world of Illution?

    Quote Originally Posted by LBcub View Post
    fixed that for you.
    But... but... their moto is "don't be evil". Surely they can do no evil O.o

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