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Thread: Furry dreams

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    What is the most exciting furry dream you have ever had mine is I turn in to a wolf pup and get carried away from home. I always seam to wake up before the end.

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    I remember fondly one I had a very long time ago. There was a girl I had a crush on, and we were both lion cubs, cuddled up to each other

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    I sorta had a furry dream, abiet it was not a anthropomorphic animal. Still the feelings of love and security associated with it were like nothing I had experienced in a dream before. I'm not going to rant, and I'm still trying to interpret it, I've already asked our elder at the Native Center in town. I live in a community where we take dreams very seriously, and being half native I think it may have had something to do with my spirit animal.

    (Ps. don't knock it, it's what we believe)

    - Chance

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    I used to have a lot of non-anthro furry (and feathery) dreams when I was a kid. One in particular I remember was being a squirrel and scurrying up and down trees. Odd thing I just remembered; often when I had a furry dream I would wet the bed. It's been many years since I had a dream like that.

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    I've had dreams all of my life in which I was a non-anthro malamute. In these dreams I've been just an average malamute doing average malamute things, such as greeting my master at the door, playing fetch and tug-of-war, sleeping on the couch and receiving many scratches and belly rubs.

    These dreams have always meant a lot to me and I hold them in very high regard. They're the best

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    I used to have this dream when I was with my ex in which he and I (an anthro wolf and fox respectively) would wrestle next to a stream. We eventually would fall in and giggle a bunch, then I always woke up.

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    i once had a dream where i was a Suicune o3o. Only happened once...Never again....

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    I dreamt once that I had woken up as my Diaperfur fursona. I got out of bed and got dressed for school and went outside to catch the bus. I looked in my schoolbag and it was full of diapers, bottles and pacifiers (my Diaperfur fursona for Skar is incontinent and needs therapeutic help from pacifiers and baby stuff)! So I went to the bus stop and then everyone there freaked out when they saw me. They were saying "What happened to your face!" and "You turned into a freak overnight!". Then I went to school and everyone was looking at me weirdly and as everyone does to me, they stole my schoolbag and threw all the stuff on the floor. Then everybody sax the stuff and started laughing at me. I was tearing to pick the stuff back up and I might've put one of the pacis in my mouth at the time. Then I had my everyday classes with the everyday people that I know. I gave myself a couple of diaper changes in between.

    Then it finished and I woke up. It was an awesome dream to have and I want to have it again but I just can't do it :3

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    Really, I would hate to have a dream like that, in all honesty it sounded more like a nightmare the way you described it. Unless your into the humiliation scene, sorry I don`t know. Still the feelings of helplessness, humiliation and frustration I would associate with that kind dream would always out way any positive aspects of the it for me, only my opinion. But hey, you enjoyed it so good on you for making the most of it Skar.

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    No, I'm not into the humiliation scene. But I wish I could have a dream like that again. that was the closest I've ever been to actually becoming my fursona so I have to make the most of it . It probably was a nightmare being as everyone was bullying me but I just want to experience the genuine feeling of fur over my body again. Wagging my tail was cool and creepy at the same time though :3

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