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Thread: You are "turned on" in been daddy/mommy of an abdl?

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    Default You are "turned on" in been daddy/mommy of an abdl?

    Probably someone already make a topic about this, but anyway. I was wondering, if someone else are sexually excited when you are taking care of an ABDL, when you are being a daddy or a mommy, and if yes, what exactly let you turned on?

    In my case, I am “turned on” by been a carrier (and vice-versa too), and the reasons are a little hard to explain, but they are basically:

    Knowing that she can be herself with me, she can be the little adorable and vulnerable baby that she is inside when she is with me. And that she trust me, and totally open herself with me.

    She is there, totally vulnerable, helpless, I could be rude and mean with her, she is just a vulnerable baby, but I don’t do anything evil, on the contrary, I treat her with all the kindness and gentleness of the word, I treat her as the little princess that she is. And she is kind and sweet, she just want to be loved.

    Knowing that she needs and want my help for everything. And when a bathed and dressed her, or feed her, I hug her, and kiss give forehead or forehead. And then, there she is, lying on her crib with so purity and innocence in her eyes, like a snowflack.

    Anyway this are some things like let me turned on. And what about you guys?

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    Awww... I can't say that would turn me on, and I'm not sure I'd be able to take on a caretaker role... But it sounds super-cute and if I was being looked after like that, I'd just feel so special and safe. I think I'd just beam out rays of happiness and appreciation! Your "little girl" is lucky to have you... :-)

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    Well is not that like I "turned on" by being caretaker but It does have certain feeling that I couldn't tell. But if I'm honest I haven't doing proper caretaker(Real life since I'm doing it on RP). And yeah I prefer to be baby rather than Daddy or Babysitter but I like to since I can doing both roles. I wish I can do it in real life.

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    If I was taking care of an AB I would be turned on, not because the idea of being a caretaker turns me on but because I'd be spending intimate time with a girl. Two separate things for me.

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    I haven't had a chance to be a caretaker, but I fantasize about it all the time and it definitely turns me on. Pretty much everything you said. The taking care of, the comforting...pretty much everything.

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    As my signature suggests, I am the dedicated mommy of Tygon. I have noticed that I will get wet and random/odd times when we are together. It usually seems to be when we are actively playing and something super cute happens :P

    I guess it does happen in the midst of play under that context. He is Asexual, so nothing goes anywhere, but at least it feels good

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    If I was taking care of an AB I would be turned on, not because the idea of being a caretaker turns me on but because I'd be spending intimate time with a girl. Two separate things for me.
    Have to agree with this. I am in no way aroused by the thought of mommying or looking after littles. I have done sexual things with my partner while she called me 'Mommy' but it wasn't because I was aroused by her being infantile. However, there have been times when I have been aroused briefly when I was with my ex-little boy, because, as pajama said, I was spending intimate time with someone of the opposite gender. Being 'Mommy', though, it was really brief and was easy to stop feeling that way.

    Sometimes my GF likes to be romantic when I'm babying her, thinking of it more as an intimate activity between two loving adults rather than her being an infant. And sometimes we roleplay and I'm 'Daddy' and 'molest' her, and the scenarios then get me hot, but I'm not aroused by being a caretaker normally.

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    I'm personally not. I enjoy being in the mommy role for my boyfriend and I enjoy caring for him and babying him but I personally get more joy out of being taken care off. Then again,I'm not turned on by this fetish,it's more of a comfort thing for me than a sexual thing.

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    I sure am turned on by being a Daddy to my beautifull little girl.

    And being double incontinent she needs a lot more special attention than most. Its intimate times like when im changing her poopy diapers first thing in the morning that often lead to other things.

    But for me being a Daddy is more than just sexual, its also about taking the best care of your baby and attending to their every need, so they can grow to be happy and healthy.

    Even though most of the year i am stuck here in the U.K thousands of miles away from my Little American Princess, I still send her money each week to help with the bills and Purchase her Bambinos online, as the diapers she gets from medicade are not worth a cent, in order to keep your little rash free you need decent diapers, and bambinos are the best i have found.

    So yes Being a Daddy is a turn on, but with it comes one hell of a lot of responsibility as well.

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    I don't get aroused sexually when I'm taking the role of a caretaker, but I absolutely love every minute of it. To know that I'm getting my little guy into a special place where he can feel safe, content and loved just makes my little heart flutter. It's such a close time when both parties open up their souls a bit to each other and they can both become happier with life for even just a moment. That's fantastic. To know that I'm fulfilling the dreams of a person makes me quite happy and satisfied. It's one of the things I love the most.

    Sadly, I haven't been able to do such RPing in the real world, the online interactions I've had have been absolutely heart-warming and special. I cannot wait until I can share this happiness with others offline.

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