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    Does anyone else feel their stuffed animals aren't a part of there AB lives? I have a stuffed rabbit named Bunner who is eighteen years old who I have slept with almost every night since I got him except when he was taken from me because he is disgusting looking. I can't sleep without him because he has a specific scent I'm attracted to and it calms me down.

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    I can understand that. Before exploring my AB self, I slept with plush animals. I just got used to holding something soft and cuddly while I slept,especially when I'm not with my boyfriend.

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    Your 24 years old and someone took your plushie away? Personally I would press charges or at least look into washing/cleaning it likely the latter.

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    They took it away when I was a preteen and got him back when I was sixteen and have slept with ever since except when my three year old sister sleeps at my house.

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    My plushies are second maybe even first priority in my AB life, Diapers being first, but plushies are almost more of a necessity. I sleep with my lil stuffed tiger every night, no matter where i go.

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    I always liked plushies. I never really associated it with AB. My gf in high school bought me several.

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    My ex-girlfriend was actually jealous (she was a reaallly possessive person) of my fox plushie.. because I was cuddling it more than her (her words, I didn't agree with this).
    But, as long as plushies are part of my life (real life or my ab side), I can't tell in which of those world they belong. Anyway, the frontier between my real life and my AB side is thin. I am a pretty childish person which is definitely a trait of my AB side and everybody around me, knows that. Sleeping with plushies is not a secret of mine and I don't care people finding out, so I can't tell if it related to my AB side or not :/

    It's actually hard for me to sleep without something or someone in my arm, so, maybe plushies came from my AB side but have now invaded my everyday life. They no longer have the stigma of childhood in my eyes.

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    I sleep with my teddy bear and plushie dog. They bring me a sense of peace.

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    Mmhm! I love my plushies...they're a part of every experience I have in the ABDL world. I've got a stuffed pink bunny (modeled after the one in the avatar...from Ouran~) that I really have to have with me all night, and when I get time to be a baby I bring him EVERYWHERE with me.

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    I either sleep with a plushie or sleep extremely badly without one. I cannot sleep without my plushies or I get really tired in the morning and there's something about their fur which is special to me. My oldest plushie is 13 years old, he's still kicking on today

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