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Thread: Explanations to a surprised friend (Mexican show)

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    Red face Explanations to a surprised friend (Mexican show)

    I don't know where to post this so I'll post it here. The other day my friend Migui came over to my place and was all like "gwen!!! You have to see this!" I was intrigued and he showed me various pictures from a Mexican show that I guess is their version of Maury or jerry springer. The pictures were of a boy I'd say about early 20s who was wearing baby pajamas you know the ones with little footsies in it. I wanted to say "awwww" or something but I held back when migui started bashing the guy saying "omg I went to high school with him! I never knew this, what is he doing? Hahaha what a loser etc" Apparently the show was exaggerating that his dressing ruined his moms life and that he dressed like that everyday and that he's never had a girlfriend rtc. The show also gave him a back story saying he became an adult baby when his little brother died. Then Migui started debunking the show saying his 2 lil brothers are fine and he had 2 girlfriends throughout high school. That is when I told Migui that if he knew those were lies didn't he think the dressing was a lie? Migui was like "yeah who would dress up as a baby?" I told him "actually there are many people who do it but in the privacy of their own home" I then when on explaining to him a little more about ab/dl and I compared it to more well known things like bdsm, fetishes, and role playing. Migui seemed very interested in my explanations but what I want to know is if I did a good job and if I should eventually bring it up again? It's been over a year my best friend confessed to me although I have no confession ab/dl has a special place in my heart and knowing what I know I don't like when others bash it, don't get me wrong Migui is a great friend I sort of would like to know how others would handle this situation.

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    I say it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. You have a lot more to lose than gain by bringing it up again.

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    If he seemed to calm down about bashing the guy you probably did a decent job explaining that some people just have different preferences in life and shouldn't be hated or ripped on for it. Although I would not spark a conversation about it in the future lest you might oust your friend unintentionally by inference, or you might have prejudism against you for continually bring it up. But it is also now not out of character for you to defend differing lifestyle so that is always a good thing.

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    Yeah I'm kind of the defender amongst my friends I defend everyone from religion viewpoints, race etc. I won't bring it up again and I would never oust my best friend no matter what he puts me through, no matter what we may disagree about in the end of the day I love him more than anything and a friend like him is hard to come by. Besides he trusted me with his secret as I have trusted him with several of mine. I just couldn't idly stand by and let Migui bash anyone.

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