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Thread: Problems with Plastic Pants.

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    Default Problems with Plastic Pants.

    It seems that every pair of plastic pants that I've gotten has pretty much turned brittle and tear very easily. I don't sun dry them, I towel dry them.

    Is there a certain way to take care of those plastic pants?

    Is it because of the wet climate I live in?

    It seems like the only plastic pants that I've found to last longer than a couple of weeks is the PEVA Gerber White plastic pants from baby-pants. But they don't offer them in any kind of prints that I'm aware of. I've had these for probably about 7 months now and they haven't failed me yet.

    I'm tired of spending money on the print PVC ones just to have them completely fail on me in a couple of weeks, wearing them only a few times through out.

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    I rinse mine out when I take my shower every morning. I let mine air dry on a plastic hanger turned inside out. I got mine about 4 months ago from Fetware.

    I've only used 2 so far out of the 6 I ordered. I got them in two colors to match my footies colors. I mainly wear mine for overnight use. This way they don't see any sweat,just a little leakage. I use only baby powder and no oil.
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    Default Problems with Plastic Pants.

    Let me guess... you use baby oil! Baby oil reacts with the plastic/vinyl and causes it to turn brittle! The only thing you can do is either find a substitute for the oil like maybe lotion or be very careful not to get any on your plastic pants (like wash hands thoroughly after putting on diaper but before putting on plastic pants).

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    It just might help if you told us where you purchased them. I am firm believer of your get what you pay for.

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    I bought cosy n dry PVC about two years ago and there still as soft as the day I got them!

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    it's probably worth bearing in mind that pants with prints are likely to be novelty items and not truly intended nor designed for repeated use and laundering.
    if you buy products designed specifically for incontinence, you should find that they last longer.
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    I've had my Gary 4mil vinyl pants for the better part of a year, and they're holding up just fine. I wash them with my cloth diapers, then just shake off the water droplets and put them away.
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    I've been using the ones from Lifestyles emporium (vintage 50's kind) for years and they last well.

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    What do you wash them in ? I use a very gentle handwashing liquid (Alur) or even bubble bath in the past, rinse them well. I have not yet had that problem.

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