Hi! I've been here on the site for four years now and I haven't been a really active member on the community, and I want to change that I hope. So, I think I should reintroduce myself so people will get to know me. I'm not good at this but I will do my best!

My name is Alex, I am 21 years old. I am Mexican but I've been living in Miami since January 2012...so this is my first year living the "American life". I can't complain, I like Miami a lot and living there isn't as I thought it would be, it's better! There's a lot of people from different countries, it's interesting. And my school is awesome, now that I think of it.

Personality wise, I'm really complicated. I had a rough childhood socially speaking, due to my disorder. I never had friends until I was fifteen, but then I never lost hope on finding someone. I did, on high school, once my disorder was diagnosed and treated. I changed dramatically, and so I began to have friends...and I was actually well liked among my peers. High school was, definitely, the best time for me, even if I had downs and ups because of my mental status. I began to have real friends, real partners. So, I would define myself as having multiple personalities, outgoing, yet shy. Relaxed, yet cautious...I'm always willing to meet people, I'm always willing to lend a hand on someone who needs me. For me, friendship is the most important thing: Between friends, parents, siblings, and uncles and cousins and grandparents. And most important: Yourself. You've got to be your best friend.

I love writing, it's my passion. And I dream of becoming a famous writer one day, with books mainly for children and teenagers or young adults. I have pretty awesome creations right now, and one day I'll show them to you. It's not time yet :p

I am ABDL, mostly AB. I do get sexual arousal from wearing diapers, but is not as much as you'd think. It's like...75% AB, 25% DL. I'm a lifelong thumbsucker, though only a couple of friends know that. Oh, and my mother who caught me the other day...hehe. I like laying down in a diaper sucking my thumb, and to drink from bottles. I've been changed before by ABDL friends, and it's awesome. I love my adult side, but I wouldn't mind becoming a baby for one day or two.

My psychiatrist, my parents and my best friend know about my infantilist side, as I have posted on other threads in the Adult Baby forum. My psychiatrist said it was ok as long as it wasn't in excess, my parents will let me wear diapers in private from now on, and my best friend is the most awesome person in the world: He bought me pacis with his own money. All happened this week, and it's been awesome.

So, I think I've said it all...Thanks for reading!