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    I just picked up “There’s A Baby In My Bed!” by Rosalie Bent, and in between this book and the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey”, I came across her distinctions between “adult baby” and “diaper lover.” To be honest, I’ve always been used to “lump summing” them together, never really giving a thought to the total differences between the two. My question is this; is it possible to be a diaper lover (strictly only having a love of diapers) and covert over to being a full-fledged adult baby? I understand you cannot just assume someone who loves diapers, also loves being a baby. Since I can’t see beyond being a baby myself, I was wondering if someone who has done it could answer this question.

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    Hmm, well, why wouldn't it be possible? People's tastes and preferences change, and often people will come to realize that they like certain things more than they thought as they age.

    I don't think AB/DL is exactly like sexual orientation, which seems pretty static. (But even then, some people seem to identify as different orientations at different points in their life, so for some people that's apparently a little more fluid. Trying to force changes of orientation, of course, seems to work horribly in all cases... but that's another topic.)

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    I have just been reading that book too, it is amazing, it's kind of revealed a lot about myself to myself. Um, I think she makes a pretty good explanation on this subject, but maybe not so good to say if a person could change between.
    I think she is quite clear that once a regressive, always a regressive, which i agree. She did say that for those who have it pretty much just as a fettish, usually characterized by the fantasy of diapers appearing after puberty, then usually the person can live without it if they have to.
    So if a DL were to become a regressive, and not just an age player that is seeking a form of For-play for sexual desires, I would bet that they would have to have something stressful about their life cause it, so that they are seeking to regress pretty much just for the relaxing quality of it, and if sexual play comes into context then its an "added bonus" as the author explained. For someone to really become a regressive, sexual activity is not the focus of wearing diapers and such, as it is at least explained by the author.

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