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Thread: An awesome baby diaper mod I developed

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    Default An awesome baby diaper mod I developed

    So after a recent upsurge in cravings for diapers, I decided to sit down and try engineering a good modded diaper that accomplished the following goals:

    1) The diaper has to cover all major pubic areas. At the minimum it should fit like a low rise brief.
    2) It should take full advantage of the baby diaper's absorbancy (i.e. NOT stretch the diaper so much that the leak guards don't work).
    3) The diaper should have multiple tabs to have a more secure fit.

    It took me about 4 attempts to get the diaper right, but I'm pretty sure I've found the right way to do it. I designed this based on the assumption that baby diaper is not long enough on its own to reach the tailbone in the back and natural waistline in front. This design is optimized for least possible diaper waste and re usability.

    Supplies needed:
    1) 30-50 staples
    2) scissors
    3) 2 of your favorite size 6 baby diapers (or 1 favorite and 1 cheaper, but still absorbent look alike)
    4) 1 xl/L goodnight. The color is neutral and babyish enough for the diaper's purpose. You can use an adult pullup for additional posterior coverage or a pullup if you are smaller and don't need as much coverage.

    Step 1: Creating the modification panel.
    1) Put the baby diaper on your front side and hold it somehow to the desired height (mine was about 1 inch above the natural waistline). You can use tape or just 1 hand it. Pull the diaper through your legs and stretch it to the point where the leakguards still fit nicely in your groin, but are stretched out as far as possible.
    2) Use some means to guestimate how much additional coverage you're going to need to reach your tailbone. For me, it was around 6 inches. This will be PART A of the diaper.
    3) On the back side of the 2nd diaper, cut off the wings/tapes along the line of glue. you should now have a pad basically of uniform width.
    4) Take the second (crappier) diaper and measure the distance needed from the back waistband. Then, with your scissors, with the diaper stretched all the way out, cut the diaper as straight as possible across its width. This will be PART B of the diaper.
    5) Grab your pullup diaper. I like to either use a used one or a fresh one and use the pad part as a stuffer later. This part is important. Cut the pullup ALONG the glued part right down the middle. A small 1cm or so wide panel comes with this and makes a good guide for later stapling. Do this on both sides in the front or back. You should now have 2 pieces of stretchy fabric with one side being longer than the other (the side that was attached to the back of the pullup). DON'T CUT THE MIDDLE OF THE STRETCHY PART, THE WHOLE THING NEEDS TO BE IN TACT. This is PART C of the diaper.
    6) Cut the back tabs off of the two diapers along the glue (as mentioned before). Make sure you cut them straight and along the glue for the same reason mentioned before. These will be Part D.

    Recap: You should now have 4 tabs, 2 wings, 1 back panel, and the main diaper with its back tabs cut off.

    7) Take the tabs (D) and attach them to the wings(C). Lay down the first tab and staple it to the SHORT side of of C. Keep the orientation in mind so that the tabs don't end up backwards. Then overlap the second tab, such that it's about 1 inch lower than the first tab, and staple it to C. It's important to use a lot of staples here. 10 per side will do.
    8) Attach C to the back panel (B). Overlap the fabric about 1cm into the back panel. Make sure the long side of C is being attached to B. Apply staples liberally down the edges until you reach the bottom of B. There should be several inches of fabric hanging past the bottom of the back panel. Do this for both sides.

    You should now have a completed apparatus that can be interchanged between diapers (until tabs wear down).

    Part 2: Attaching the modified panel to part A.
    1) You can add two additional back tabs to the front of A. If you reuse the panel, you will always have 2 excess tabs each time you create a big diaper. So I attach two to the front because it adds additional volume. The little tabs in the front are ok, but don't provide much modesty for taller/bigger people.
    2) Attach the modified panel to the back of part A. Staple the panel to the top of the read of the diaper, making sure that the absorbent parts touch. Then staple the loose hanging material the rest of the way down the diaper (towards the crotch).

    Congratulations! If you did it right, you should have a diaper that is long enough to completely cover your privates, has 2 tapes that provide secure holdings, full coverage behind and front, super stretchy wings that can reach super far and make the diaper tight around the waist (while not compromising the leak guards). This can be a bit pricey if you end up wasting diapers trying to make it, but I only use up 1 diaper each time now that I have the apparatus built.

    My personal experience has been great with it. I have a 34 inch waist and can easily have a pampers baby dry 6 that pops above my pants waistband in both front and back while holding several hours worth of wettings (not flooding, but slowly emptying your bladder over 20 min or so). The only times I've had leaks with it are when the diaper is soaked (but not over flowing) and I happen to get a bit stiff. It can push the leakguards out a little bit and a small leak forms. I've been able to wet it laying down, standing up, sitting cross legged, and even sitting in a chair without a leak. So long story short, it works for moderate wettings and looks pretty authentic from the front (the back is a bit weird, but holds up.

    I'll update this shortly with a few pics of what the apparatus looks like. Tell me what you guys think!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Should be 2 pictures of the panel completed. You can now attach this to the front diaper that has it's back tabs cut off.

    Another note - you can use the front 2/3 of the diaper you cut for the back panel as a stuffer for the big one.

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    Neat, thanks for sharing!

    Um, your pics are a litlte hard to make out, though :P
    Could you maybe shoot some with them spread out on the floor, with better lighting?

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