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Thread: Reinforcing diaper tabs/sides

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    Default Reinforcing diaper tabs/sides

    For those of us who attempt to wear diapers which don't quite fit (like baby diapers), sides tearing apart seems to be the biggest problem, since they're the weakest part of the structure.

    Anyone have any particular thoughts on how best to strengthen the sides to keep them from coming apart? I don't mean like making extenders, I'm just wondering about adding things kind of on top. A few things I've tried or trhought about...

    * Staples -- they're very strong, obviously, but they're so thin that all the stretching tension gets redirected and focused into too small an area, making it likely that staples will start their own little rips. Also, they're kind of unsightly. ;P

    * Glue (krazy glue in particular) -- effective, but kinda awkward to apply to diapers... I wind up getting things I don't want stuck to other things when trying to hold parts together while it dries.

    * Tape -- aside from possible unslightliness, Scotch tape breaks too easily. Duct tape looks terrible. :P I haven't really tried packing tape.

    * Sewing -- haven't tried this, but seems like it might be helpful to add a few stitches here and there. Problem there is it's slightly time consuming, I guess. And I'm terrible at sewing!

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    Good post for the diaper engineers / modders among us, can't think of anymore fixing ideas though!

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    One idea of mine that keeps getting shot down is that they should sonic weld the tape to the diaper. I look at the Goodnites at the sides and I see sonic welding has been done I even see it where the leak guards were connected to the main frame of the pant. All it is, it's vibrating the two pieces of plastic together at a certain frequency that generates friction which generates heat that causes the two pieces of plastic to melt together and become one piece of plastic.

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    I usually use medical tape to strengthen the sides since I find it's the least unsightly.

    I tried electrical tape once and it just stretched with the sides haha.

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    I use packing tape. its clear glossy surface match bambinos tape zone.

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    Gaffers tape works very well

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    I have tried sewing before and it doesn't really work that well (at least on plastic backed diapers; cloth-backed diapers work better). Sewing punctures the plastic and therefore reduces the load bearing potential perpendicular to the sew line. This usually lead to tears very quickly making the diapers effectively unusable. I works ok on cloth-backed diapers and very well on pullups (esp. when sewing 2 together) because the load bearing material is a bunch of fibers pressed into a sheet rather than a solid sheet of plastic.


    Packing tape works wonders, especially when the tape ends up popping off or slipping on it's adhesive.

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    If you look at the selection of colored duct tape in the stores... find the clear type... it works great, and doesnt ruin the look of the diaper.

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    white duct tape also works well. I don't think you mean "clear duct tape". that's packing tape. doesn't stick as well as duct tape.

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