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Thread: Need some advice on buying diapers.

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    Default Need some advice on buying diapers.

    I am going to be moving out of my parents place here soon with a room mate and I was wondering if I should buy diapers at the store or online?

    If I buy them at the store how can I keep my self from getting embarrassed and can people find out it's for me or would I be better off ordering them online?

    I would appreciate some advice, thanks. :] Also what kind should I get and what sizes, etc.

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    For the reasons you mentioned, I would order on line. I too would be embarrassed to buy adult diapers, and in RL, I do buy on line. The other reason for buying on line is that you have a much better selection. I'm cloth and plastic, but it still applies. You can get much better quality on line. Just set up your account with them and give them your credit card information. As for having a roommate, he/she would have to be one weird dude to open any package that wasn't addressed to them, so I think you are safe in that regard.

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    As well as avoiding the embarrassment of buying in a store in person, if you order online you can get much better quality diapers.

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    I'd go for an online order too (unless you're really worried about the parcels being questioned by your room-mate). Better choice, less embarrassment, and you can shop around on price more easily.

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    I am with everyone else on this I think you should order online to remain discrete. Good Luck!!

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    Well... If you happen to live in a place with a medical supply store that carries decent diapers.. It is totally worth it to go pick some up from there. At places like that, they deal with incontinent people all the time, and the last time I went in, I just picked up a couple bags of Abenas, walked to the counter, bought them, they even put them in bags that you couldn't see into, and I went home. I knew they knew the diapers were for me, I even asked them if they had my size first. It is much faster than ordering online, and after you get used to it, not that big of a deal at all.

    It also means you don't need to stock up in bulk, so there is a lower chance for detection, and finally, it was cheaper. The bag was under $30(CAD), as opposed to the $~50 I would have to pay online.

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    I order diapers online and it is saves a lot of embarrassment especially with discreet shipping. On top of that the quality is really good and in my opinion worth every last penny.

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    I agree with pretty much everyone else. Order them online. They'll be cheaper and the selection is much greater: XP Medical, Bambino, ABUniverse, etc.

    I did wanna mention that thrift stores are a surprisingly decent place to find diapers. I went to a Value Village in the Capital Hill district a few days ago, and bought 2 packs of okay diapers for $6. I use the blue ones underneath, then tape the white ones over that. Together, they have about the same thickness as the Molicares I usually wear, but for 1/5 the price.

    If you're not worried about people seeing you (I lived in a small town for years), then thrift store shopping might be a fun adventure.

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    I agree with pretty much what everybody has said. Most of the suppliers offer a sample pack at a low cost so you can select what you like. I the convience of Fed Ex

    bringing them to me no matter what the weather is doing.

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