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Thread: Anyone having luck finding the limited edition Goodnites?

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    Default Anyone having luck finding the limited edition Goodnites?

    I've seen the Spider-Man ones at a few random stores, but the Tinker Bell ones are a pain to find until I found a pair tonight at a local Target! I was going to get them, but I totally forgot my wallet at home!
    Maybe next time I go, I'll finally get them!
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    I found a package pretty recently, after not being able to for a while. it was the only one in the store. Grumble grumble limited edition grumble.

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    Check Wal Mart. Only problem with them is that they only come in S/M.

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    Yea and I don't think they will ever be in L/XL. Every store is stocked with them around in my area.

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    I found mine at a RiteAid, just FYI. And yeah, they may never have L/XL.

    Walmart, I just remembered/realized, has a neat feature on their site where you can search by store location to see if they have the item in stock. Check out this link Goodnites Girls Underwear For Nighttime, S-M, 26ct: Diapering & Potty : and look around on the "my store" and "store pickup" options, you should be able to enter your zip code somewhere to see whether nearby Walmarts carry it.

    You could also just order it delivered to your house/PO Box or maybe delievered to a walmart near you for you to pickup, if they don't carry it now?

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    Actually, on the other thread, someone called xolyshaxo called Kimberly Clarke to ask, here is his post :

    Quote Originally Posted by xolyshaxo View Post
    Ok I got tired of wondering so I called KC this morning and asked about the L/XL designs. The agent had to do some research but told me that they will be releasing the Fares design on the L/XL (didn't ask about spider man but it stands to reason they will be doing those too) The catch is she told me it will be closer to the end of the summer before the larger designs are available everywhere so they are coming but it may be a few more weeks or months.

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    I haven't had any luck finding them :c Does anyone have any suggestions on chains I should look at?

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    Dunno what part of the USA you are located, but in the Northeast/MidAtlantic area I have seen them in Shoprite so far (only the TinkerBell variety). I shop in a few others too, so I'll keep my eyes open.

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    I still haven't seen them, but next time I visit Target I'll check for sure. Hope to find some.

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