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Thread: That *special* binky...

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    Default That *special* binky...

    I'm guessing that most, if not all of us, have several pacifiers. I'm also guessing that most, if not all of us have a favourite. So...what's yours?? Post pictures!

    Here's mine:

    Attachment 13672

    It's a modified MAM Night with a Nuk 5 teat. Made it myself =3 The button glows in the dark

    I'm kind of ocd about the fact that it's so night-y, and want one that's more daytime-y, but I can't help it. This is my absolute favourite one. I have a bunch of others, as well as another, un-modded Nuk 5, but I feel like I can't really use it while I still have this one It also used to bug me that the latex of this one's teat is thinner than on my un-modded Nuk, but now I'm really used to it and actually kinda like it.

    Also, do you have a special name for yours? I don't's either paci, binky, nuk/nukie...yep.

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    I'm a lifelong thumbsucker but sometimes I need both hands..ha. I just got 2 Nuk5 pacis from Pacifiersrus! I loooove them . They both have Mam favorite. Ones pearly pink with a cupcake and the other is purple with carousel horses. And I got the matching clips for each. Worth every penny ...They are wonderful!

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    I have many pacifiers of all different sizes and colours. I dont really have a specific favourite one, it all depends on my mood as to which one i suck.

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    My Nuk 5 is definitely the best... I have one with Peter Rabbit on the guard which I like a lot. However, I've been sucking my thumb for a long time, and sucking a pacifier just isn't the same for me. I'd like to enjoy using one as it would be useful to have free hands, but it's just not the same as my thumb.

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    I only use Nuk size 3, and I have a lot of them (around ten I think)

    I don't like the rubber ones that much, so, I tend to use the ones with silicone. My top 3 are those ones :

    I tend to use the plain one a bit more. Don't know why it happens to be in my mouth more often, so, I can say that's my "special binkie". But no, no names, that's just my paci.

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    Hehehehe this one! Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120718_153517.jpg 
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Size:	17.9 KB 
ID:	13782 for when I'm feeling really little And this one Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120721_180121.jpg 
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Size:	14.8 KB 
ID:	13783 for when I'm feeling slightly older and more princess age/bratty The first one is just paci and the other one is princess paci rather than the usually British term of dummy or my family's take on it, dode because they are used for my nieces and nephew. It felt weird and I needed to separate them I got nuts when they use my paci's and after buying my own feel really weird using theirs though I do like to collect them when they grow out of them

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    JosaphineJellybean, those are supercute!! You're adorable :3 I have a similar one to your first one, except the guard is pink and the handle is purple. What's the brand of your Princess paci? It's such an interesting design, I've never seen it in the states before.

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    A little off topic, but since you modified your own MAM I was wondering if you could help me. I've got a MAM guard that I like and I want to swap a new teat into it. Try as I might though, I cant pry off the button. How do you get yours off (and back on)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by someguy26 View Post
    A little off topic, but since you modified your own MAM I was wondering if you could help me. I've got a MAM guard that I like and I want to swap a new teat into it. Try as I might though, I cant pry off the button. How do you get yours off (and back on)?
    Someguy, I used a flathead screwdriver. I couldn't have done it without it, I'm too weak! Lol! Basically I just held the paci by the guard and sort of inserted (I say sort of because it doesn't actually get 'inserted' all the way as there's not really enough of a gap for that) the screwdriver between the guard and the button. you should see a little bit of a gap when you kinda bend the sides of the guard inward, if that makes sense. When the screwdriver is sorta wedged in, just use it as a lever to pry off the button, which should pop right off pretty quickly. after you remove/insert the teats, you can just pop the button back on with your hands. Helps if you're holding the paci between your hands, with your hands clasped like in prayer, and squeezing it, if you need a little extra strength.

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    bbbabsie, you and I have the exact same modified NUK 5!
    That one is also my favorite, especially since it's my only NUK 5.

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