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Thread: Training Underpants to be Worn with Plastic Underpants - where to buy?

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    Default Training Underpants to be Worn with Plastic Underpants - where to buy?

    Does anyone know a good store (walk-in preferred) to buy washable adult-size training underpants that are designed to be worn with plastic underpants?

    I recently found a great site that has several styles (red / blue / gold dash waistband, 4 panel thick front & back, etc) for young boys and men but the reviewer on Adisc took it off because he said it was a "dodgy company" (not sure what that means but he should know). So he recommended I post a new thread. Thanks

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    There's They are a good company and I have used them a few times, fast shipping and everything. Also while you are there picking up their training pants, find their Gerber White Plastic pants (PEVA) they are quite crinkly and are very cheap and have lasted longer than any other plastic pant that I've tried.

    Their training pants have 2 or 4 layers and come in like 8 different designs and are very authentic and childish looking.

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    Default also has pull-on style diapers (several layers of padding) that work like training-pants. Very high quality and reasonable prices; they are in youth or adult sizes. I use these (plus plastic pants) or products for bedwetting; both products work well.

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    I just love that word "underpants." You probably are not going to find cotton training pants in a walk-in store...

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    I've never seen adult sized male training pants at a walk in store. But oddly enough, I ordered a pair of training pants from Babypants this very day. I've told this story before, but when I was in kindergarten, we had a small sized classmate who still wore those colorful training pants. Someone saw them when we all went to the bathroom, and he showed them to us. Immediately I wanted them....sigh. Somethings never change.

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    Hi I buy my diapers on line and I a get a box delivered to me every month for the whole month. I get my plastic pants on line to. So I think it is the best place to get what you need. Sorry I can not be of more help to you.

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    it's simple enough to make your own from an old towel (plus elastics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    it's simple enough to make your own from an old towel (plus elastics).
    A few linen dish towels, placed in a pair of underpants (that's my favorite name for them... except for some kids I once knew who referred to their "underwears.")... briefs would be best. Get a kitchen-size trash bag and carefully cut the bottom seam on both sides and pull it on like plastic pants. You could trim the top and make a waistband out of rubber bands. Won't leak for a while.

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    The Baby Pants training pants are great. Just make sure to account for shrinkage when ordering. I failed to do this on my first order. D'oh! The fit of these is fairly critical, so order with care.

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