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Thread: Hi all, new here...

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    Default Hi all, new here...

    realized I went into lurker status, and though I don't post much anywhere I read, I do enjoy this place and the level of maturity found here, so here we go.

    myself, I'm mainly a diaper lover (with a bit of sissy thrown in), but I've started to enjoy the "baby" side of myself here lately as well and I'm enjoying that along with everything else in life right now.

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    Hey... someone from SC!

    I'm right across the border in Charlotte.

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy being here. Have fun. (Curtsey)

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    I know how you feel... I have 2-3 posts (slowly growing) yet I joined in January of 2008! *shifty eyes

    (hey look I have 6 ^^)

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    Woo, add another point to the SC side of the border! Come on, Angelica. We have to show these Northernites who's the boss!

    (It's Tony Danza, obviously.)

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Nice to see some Carolina people around too.

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    Yay fresh meat >_> <_< hope you enjoy it here, it is *runs off screaming like a maniac* I ish bored sorry xD

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