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Thread: Will new generation of DL's be into cloth covers?

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    Default Will new generation of DL's be into cloth covers?

    I was always wondering if new generation of DL's born past 1998 will be into cloth-like cover diapers, much like this generation of DL's are into disposable plastic-backed instead of cloth diapers?

    I find it hard to imagine someone being a DL when some of these diapers are losing a lot of what we love today which are thick, and crinkly and modern diapers are thin and honestly underwear-like in nature. But I guess that's just something I can't personally process.

    Maybe some day there won't be DLs because diapers just become what feels like literally absorbent underwear.

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    Hmm I don't know I grew up in Disposable era and I'm never like or try cloth so I prefer disposable.

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    I always had disposables when I was younger, I have tried cloth and disposables and I absolutely prefer disposables

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    I grew up in cloth, and while I would love to try cloth (what I REALLY want to try is cotton training pants), the cost and logistics are beyond me, so I use disposables. For me, though, the attraction for diapers isn't the bulk or the crinkle. It's the amazing feel of letting go and going potty anywhere I am, the actual sensation of peeing and pooping heightened by doing a very ordinary thing wherever I want, the feel of wetness, the saggy feel of a very wet diaper as I walk around, the naughtiness of doing something I was trained 59 years ago not to do. I don't always even need a diaper, I am just as happy going in my pants. If diapers continue to improve, future generations will enjoy wearing whatever they wore when they were little; however much diapers improve, the feel of peeing and pooping in your diaper won't change. And future DLs may well have more choices than we do.

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    Pretty sure the OP is talking about cloth-backed disposables, not "cloth diapers."

    Quote Originally Posted by Yin View Post
    Maybe some day there won't be DLs because diapers just become what feels like literally absorbent underwear.
    I expect that, as long as babies are made to wear things called "diapers," some of those babies will grow up as DLs. It does seem as though most DLs have a preference for the sort of diaper they grew up wearing, however I'm not sure that's the same as saying that a particular kind of diaper is the reason why that person is a DL. I'm thinking it probably (usually) doesn't matter. But who knows?

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    Well, I was born in the late '80's and I prefer cloth-backed disposables. Especially anything that looks like recent examples such as pampers cruisers or baby dry with all-over prints; they look almost like toddler underwear, yet are unmistakably diaper-ish as well. It's probably due to the ab part of the mix in me that like things to be baby-like in nature.

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    I do think there may be good chance that the "cloth like" genration might happen....I perfer a mixure of "cloth like" diaper and plastic backed and I was born in 94 so I guess im a sort of a tranisition DL eh?...So perhaps, unless they firgure out how to recycle the disposable diapers.

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    I think each individual dl has imprinted his brain with whatever he was wearing at a certain age and it will always be that imprinted image in his mind.

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    I really hope not. I HATE "outer cloth like cover" diapers. They are complete trash and need to dissapear forever. >=(

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    Short answer yes. Long answer, well considering that most kids born after 98 will only ever know cloth backed disposables as diapers. So they will prefer an adult sized version of what they had as baby's or toddler's. The kid's from the late 80's and 90's already have what they want. So I would also expect the same from the new generation of AB/DL to get what they prefer. And I'm already starting to see it happening with the new cloth like cushie. What's next an adult sized goodnite with all over print?

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