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Thread: In memory of Nanaki ...

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    Default In memory of Nanaki ...

    The night of September 8th was a very hard one to get through. We lost a important family member to us.

    Nanaki was my partner nonamecub and I's first dog together. Unfortunately we came into shitty living conditions that forced us to open up our eyes to the fact it wasn't fair for her to continue living with us since we no longer had the space we once had. We decided on the joint decision together that my partner's mom would be a good person to take her in. The timing was right too since her cat had just passed away. She needed someone, she needed a friend bad. I don't regret that decision and I never will because those two became inseparable. Years of two very happy beings. Best of friends.

    When she called us up this past Wednesday evening I didn't know what to think at first upon the news of her passing. In a state of shock. Poor girl went to go lie down, slipped into a coma, and never woke up. I woke up that morning with my eyes crusted over due to the tears. Though my eyes were blind at first they are open enough to be grateful for three things in such a heavy time for all of her family. She went peacefully. The ten years she was with us encouraged her to simply be a happy dog. We have memories that will last forever.

    I decided I needed to do something to pay a memorial to her. At first I thought I would put together a online photo album but the more I thought about it the more I decided I was capable of better. This video is proof of that which I'm pretty damn proud of considering it's my first ever attempt making something like this. My potential skills were driven by the love to not disappoint and I really wanted everyone to have something to remember her by.

    That being said, before you view what I'm about to share.

    Don't just "scroll" this. Comment. I want to know what you think. More importantly, share it please. I want others to know of her. I don't care if there a total stranger to me. I think more people should do things like this and I hope this encourages it.

    For full experience:

    PAWS (Pause) the video.
    Read description first.
    Full screen it.
    Crank the speakers.
    Pour one for our homie.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Dog's are often not great pet's because they aren't pets, they're amazing friends. Whenever you had a shitty day you can come home and know they'll be happy if not ecstatic to see you. Some even go as far to put their lives on the line to protect their owner and family be they canine or human.

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    You have my most heartfelt sympathies. Though as my name suggests, I am more of a cat person than a dog person, I have lost cats that I would proudly refer to as my best friends. Losing a pet like that feels like a piece of your soul being ripped away...

    Also, I hate to be that guy, but I think you mean *August 8th. Unless this was last year.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss statik. We lost our dog this April, right in the middle of spring break. She was perfectly fine, but suddenly went into seizures. Three hours later she was gone. My wife and I were horrified, it was so sudden. There was nothing the vet could do, and they thought she had a brain lesion. At least in both of our cases, they didn't suffer for very long.

    I've always said that God's greatest creations were children and dogs. I guess it's because they both will love you unconditionally, and they're so darned cute. We got another golden retriever in June. She's a handful, but very loving. You never forget your dogs and at my age I can tell you, that as dog lovers, we mark our lives by the dogs and pets who shared their lives with us.

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    That's some tough news for your family. As you said, she had a good ten years and those photos in your video show an animal that was loved and brought you all much in return.

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    I lost my dog 2 months ago, but he had a good life and all dogs go to heaven anyway. He can hunt small game and chill all day long there :P

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    So very sad for you, Bubbie. I know how much you and NoName loved her.
    I remember when you got her! Actually, I remember the pics of her from before you got her, when she was just a newborn!
    She was such a beautiful soul, you can see it in her expressions in the photos. You can see that she was not only loved, but loved you all in return!
    The video was a great idea, and a wonderful tribute to a true friend. <3
    Always loved, always remembered!

    She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and now she frolics forever a young pup in the snow!

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    That´s so sad to hear.
    Losing a friend is always incredibly hard and I really hope you´re okay.
    She may be gone now, but as you said, the memories will be there forever.
    And regarding the pictures I saw, those must be wonderful memories ^^

    I´ll drink a glass of rum at sunset. Cheers, Nanaki.

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    Hey thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Yes it's been very rough on all of us here. We just never saw it coming so were in no way prepared to handle it. I've been so scatter brained with my heavy double shift work loads and packing up to move to our new house we just bought that this just hit at the worse time possible. Though anytime is a bad time given the circumstances. Just trying to type this is making me choke up again, fucking hell. I just really really miss her and wish I could of spent a few more happy moments with her before she passed.

    I'm honored that her memorial video is being well received though. All I want to do is share her memories at this point.

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    That was a really lovely video and the song was perfect. It made me get all teary at the end, seeing the date her wonderful life began and the date it ended. I can tell you really loved Nanaki, and that she was a really happy dog. I hope life begins to get easier over time for you, with all the things going on at once! I just wanted to let you know that a complete stranger wishes you the best with the hard time you're having!

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