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Thread: Ever Notice the Things you Buy?

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    Default Ever Notice the Things you Buy?

    Do you ever notice that you buy some ab stuff when your out shopping for "normal" things? Like for example, I was grocery shopping yesterday and saw some Lightning McQueen gummys, and I just had to buy them. Or like another time when I was at walmart buying something or other (i can't remember what) and I saw a blue clues DVD, and had to buy it.

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    I remember when I went out to pick up some milk, and I bought some diapers with it... That was today. :V

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    Idk I was just thinking about that today, and it seems almost everytime I go out I buy something, whether its a "little" snack or a plushie or something like that.

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    Nearly every time I go to the store for groceries I always end up at least buying a small toy or some baby food. I also can't seem to pass up little vending machines with toys in them when I go shopping if I have quarters on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbtim59 View Post
    Idk I was just thinking about that today, and it seems almost everytime I go out I buy something, whether its a "little" snack or a plushie or something like that.
    Oh, I know, I know... Hence the ":V".

    I don't usually impulse buy, so I don't really recall buying random AB stuff on any of my outings.

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    I bought Johnson cornstarch baby powder and a pack of 64 Pampers baby wipes a couple of days before I got my very first diapers, which were the Cushies from AB Universe.

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    a lot of the things that I use every day are ab related. and they are small things like the hand soap in my bathroom is sponge bob as well as my shower curtain. I also had to make a key for my new house so I chose the key with Micky Mouse on it. If I need powder or wipes I will just buy it along with my other groceries. Does a CANDY run with friends count as an ab item?

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    i usually do have some ab items next to regular items on my shopping list god forbid i run out of baby powder especially since its summer.
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    I bought a small toy car when we were buying toys for our grand kids. Yesterday we went to Toys R Us, and I bought two of those little singing dolls. You squeeze them and they sing Oh Oh Oh on different pitches. It's really funny. My wife was trying to talk to our daughter on her cell, seeing what grandson would want for his birthday, and I had three of them in my hands, making them sing in harmony, and making them dance...teeheehee.

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    Just came back from grocery it seemed like forever...of course the fact that around every aisle there is some kind of cute AB type distraction didn't help. it was just like floating from one little thing to another, ohhhh I didn't spoil myself...this time.

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