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    Default Hello everyone

    Hey there, I am Nicky Omutsu, I am from the UK, I like to say hello here I am also at this moment making a Cyber Baby, I do have a group on facebook but FB as blocked my account at the moment I working on sorting that out lol.

    If you like to know more about it and ADISC are happy I could start a post about it where people can have they say on it and also get there name down for testing it

    I am a DL in retraining if you will, I got with my wife to be and she has some how talked me in to trying again after some nasty people really pushed the idea of nappies/diapers out of the window .

    I been in to nappies since I was about 6 this is when I first found the link, then again 8 then on and off since then, I am a wetter and sometimes do include it in a sexual means of my life well did I might be removing it fully from the sexual side of things. I hope my partner will join the site at some point her username will mostly be AnnOther also can be found on facebook.

    I am little bit of a computer geek, I am also setting up a new set of standards for the age regression world called IC or Iner Child, I don't want to really post much about that hear as its about replacing and changing the way we see ABDL's if you like to know more just follow the link on my profile the site there will explain most of it.

    Thanks for your time and thanks to ADISC for the site, hugs all.

    Nicky Omutsu
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    Hi Nicky

    Welcome to the site, if you want to check with moo and the mods about "launching" your idea on here I'd suggest going and making a post in the requests forum, only you and the mods will be able to see it, and you can tell them everything about it in full confidence

    What do you mean "setting up a new set of standards for the age regression world" I went and looked for the link and couldn't find, it sounds interesting but it sounds as though you're trying to force ABDLism into a box ^_^ personally I don't think it's something intrinsically definable, I tried to define it once but I always felt as though someone could have been left out by my definition, or included when they wouldn't have wanted to be

    So other than programming do you have any other interests or hobbies?

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    Like Ann I am in to art, I love computers and getting in to biking tho her crash as made me little jumpy I not going to stop lol

    Thanks for the tip I sure will do that later on when I am little better known on the forum

    No this is not a box idea this is out of the box idea, I sick of the way the world seen's this world and I want to make it safer for people in the world ABDL is only 2 topics within age regression and people saying there one thing and really another is also a big problem there is 2 worlds real and fantasy and many ABDL's have forgot this, the site should be on my profile if not let me look at that tomorrow if still not working then let me get my foot throw the door when I do I will PM you the link The Inner child tho will not really repleace ABDL never, it will just stand beside it as there will people that wont want to change. hugs.

    Thanks for your post DylanK, it was nice to hear from another user hugs.
    - - - Updated - - -

    Just looked the link is under home page under my profile the site and idea is still been worked on so don't jump down my neck just yet tehe


    Nicky Omutsu

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    I'm still not sure I completely understand, I know there are a far wider range of regression stuffs, like Adult Kids, etc. but I'm not sure where the line is, between what counts as regression and what just counts as fancy dress. I'd love to see that link, if you put it in the "Home Page URL:" box it doesn't always show up ^_^

    Try looking at it with the "View your "About Me" as seen by everyone else" link it's at the top of your profile on the right hand side; above basic info and below the tabs.

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    I can't reply to that PM hun sorry, theinerchild co uk is the site, its still a baby idea and I need to redo some of the rules but gives you the basic idea.

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    Ok, no problem ^_^ I'll look it up be back in like 20 mins with an update ^_^


    Ok, I've had a read and a lot of the values you are trying to promote are good ones and I think we'd happily promote here, but there are some boxes people won't want to share into and most people won't care about. If I'm talking to a girl on here I don't care if she's a genetic female, a female impersonator (providing they do so within the rules), a pre-op MtF, post-op MtF, or a non-op MtF. They want me to treat them like a girl so that's what I will do.

    I know some people don't like meeting someone they thought was one way and turns out to be another, but regardless that's going to happen if you meet someone on line. People never look how you expect.

    Also I think you're going to find it very difficult to regulate adults only, no sex content, especially if you're going to enforce the idea that if someone goes to a explicit site using your tags and post there you'll ban them.

    What you're trying to do, at least the way it appears to me is to make a way of categorising people big enough to include the general community at one end but specific enough to specify every variant at our end. I think you have noble aspirations but getting it to work might be a little tricky

    If it were me, I'd try and draw it out as a massive Venn-diagram but you're going to have so many overlaps you'd have trouble giving each one a name

    Also you are going to find IC means genuinely incontinent on most sites, over loading it with another meaning isn't going to help you find clarity.

    I know it's only a baby idea but I hope you know it's better to have some harsh early criticism so you can put things right than spend loads of time and end up failing with something massively wrong
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