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Thread: turn your clothlike diapers into good feeling plastic

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    Default turn your clothlike diapers into good feeling plastic

    I recently ordered a case of Assure diapers (now rebranded "Breeyo") and found that they make really good covers for clothlike diapers.

    As an example, I have a number of tena supers on hand, and don't care for the clothlike. So I just put an assure on over the tena. Works great! Adds a good amount of thickness, smoothes over the creases in the crotch, and is nice smooth soft plastic. win win win.

    I didn't modify the tena, so if it gets wet, the assure remains dry. With minimal care on removal, it can be slipped down and off the tena and slipped up onto another one the next night for reuse.

    One night I even had a small cuff leak that the assure stopped. I assume they'd work well to protect against the aftermath of a diaper split too.

    They last for more than 4 uses if used for bedtime only. Otherwise the padding starts to break down if you're sitting a lot (as happens with any diaper) and they'll last half as long.

    A case of 96 large assure are $35-40. They seem to work better if they're a size larger than your diaper. I just woke up in a large assure over a medium tena.

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    I just wear plastic pants over the top. They can be washed and dried in under five minutes and re-used - much cheaper than wasting an extra diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    much cheaper than wasting an extra diaper.
    Well I suppose so, but I think in this arena people are going to be a lot more specific about what they want. I'm not the least bit interested in plastic pants.

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    The new PUL plastic pants are an interesting addition to plastic pants. I have noticed that they run a bit smaller, so you have to experiment with size. Since plastic backed disposables are being slowly fazed out, plastic pants seem like the next step. I of course grew up with cloth and plastic pants, so I realize that's my thing, and it might not relate to younger members. I do realize that we are replicating that which we wore when we were babies and toddlers.

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