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Thread: For those with a choice

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    Default For those with a choice

    What is the longest you have been diapered, and not used the potty? (if you only wet pooping dosent count)

    For me the longest i have worn and used diapers exclusively is 3 week would have been longer was on a real roll but we were going on vacation with family and wearing wasnt an option.

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    The longest I have wet only in diaper and not used the potty (other than #2) is 8 weeks. I definitely started to lose control and had a family reunion/vacation at the 10 week mark so I focused on regaining control for that event. It was fun and something I will probably do again.

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    You all have me beat... Very much so... My record is only 2 days. But then again, I don't have loads of diapers, so I am more conservative in how I use them.

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    I've done many "no toilet" long weekends, so 3 days for me. (#2 included too.)

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    Well if #2 doesn't count then pretty much 5 or 6 days that was a number of years ago and I was still a minor.

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    probably 3 days for me i usually get sick of changing myself or hiding my diapers when im around people at that point if i lived as an open ab/dl and had someone to change me id probably wear 24 / 7
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    A few years ago my parents went to St. Thomas and my siblings went to my grandparents. I had summer band so i was home alone. So while i didn't wear to band i also didn't use the bathroom till i was home and i a diaper once again. so three days of continual use (weekend and Friday) but all week if that counts.

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    Well my longest time is about a week last winter when I absolutely had nothing going on.

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    For me, it was about 5 or 6 days, I have done this many times. It was a struggle trying to get back into the "not wearing mindset" afterwards. I am a slow wetter not a flooder, so I find this makes your nappies/diapers last much longer giving them time to absorb the wetness. Anyway, so if I felt the need to pee, no matter how much it was I would just release.

    When back in normal underwear, I sometimes would nearly release until I remember that Im no longer wearing lol

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