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    Ok, I'm interested in buying girl's panties and bras, but the only problem is that.... What size to get in women's clothes. I'm going to be buying them at walmart, but I wear a small in men's underwear (28-30). I'm also 5' 4'' in height, if that makes a difference. What size would that be in women's? (I'm thinking it is 8 or 10, looking at the sizing chart online)

    This is one of a couple that I'm looking at getting.
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    Sizing can tricky when it comes to panties. They are measured in hip size. Also the cut will enter into it. I wear full cut briefs in a size 6. In fact I'm sitting here

    typing this in diaper,briefs and bra. You can also visit for good sizing charts.

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    The only thing you can do is look at the sizing chart and compare. since you are wearing a 28-30 mens that is about the same as 8-10 like you said, but that is in womens size .

    The panties you are trying to get are girls so the size is most likely to be bigger. The chart says you need a size 14(28) 16(29) or 18(30) for girls. Problem is they only sell those panties up to 14.

    You might want to look for panties in Junior sizes. Some of them still have cute prints on them

    For bra you will need to measure your chest to get the right size as you have not given that info

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    Go buy a tape measure (Walmart has them in the fabric/sewing section). Go to any women's clothing site and read the info on how to measure yourself. This and the size chart will get you started.
    As pointed out, women have wider hips so this is usually the determining factor on the bottoms. On the tops, you'll need the band size (and probably minimal cups). Note, men's chests are pretty uniformly broad so you may have to size up on blouses or dresses to fit you through there.

    Knits and other things that will stretch will give you more sizing leeway when you're first starting to determine your size. You can find "sports" type bras that will fit a wider range of sizes (because they stretch).

    Nice thing about WALMART is there are a lot of cheap things you can try while you're zeroing in on the sizing.
    Of course once you go beyond underwear, you can always try things on. I find that still very exciting.

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    TJ Maxx and Ross stores are a great place to go buy real women's panties. They usually have a large selection and normally only run from $1.99 to $3.99 a pair. If you are not sure of the size you need buy the same thing in a couple of sizes and see what fits. You won't be out a lot of money. For guys like me who love to wear women's panties, we can get some pretty sexy stuff that is reasonably affordable. I just went to TJ Maxx at lunch time today and picked up 6 pairs of panties (bikinis & thongs) for $15.05 tax included. Not a bad price.

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