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    ok so i need advice on what to do again...befor it was relationship advice but now its more...personal i guess... I have been depressed for just over 3-3 1/2years and its just getting started back in middle school with my first girlfriend(the person i asked advice on last time) when we broke up she threatened to commit suicide unless i took her back and im soft hearted in some areas and thats one of em. Things got worse and well read my last post to hear about that. Anyway after that i thought my depression was minor and it was but it kept building then with my last break up it diddnt help and mow im at the point where i feel like a complete sack of shit. Like im completely worthless to this world and i dont really feel wanted in this currently at borderline suicidal thoughts im not there...yet. My mom want me to go see a shrink or be on med or SOMETHING but thing would get worse if i do and say the cause of the depression... I just dont know what to so anymore i mean i want to live life but i dont feel wanted by anyone like that speck of light in eternal darkness... I need help but i dont know what to do.......

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    That sucks man . Middle school is when my anxiety started to get really bad so I can kinda relate. In my opinion drugs aren't worth it, nor is a psychiatrist that may only wants to diagnose you. I would recommend if anything some kind of counsellor that will really listen to what you have to say and try and help you through it. Still though even with some help it can be very hard, it takes a lot of effort on your part as well. Things always sound rough when your in those dark places but being able to pull yourself through eventually is well worth the effort and you become a better person because of it. It is a long road especially in these teenage years but these hardships and how we deal with them is what really makes us who we are. Sometimes you need an outlet, a creative channel that helps you manage your thoughts. Personally I like to learn about things I am really interested in. I can completely forget about the outside world for a while and completely focus on something else. Learning a new skill can be really good for self esteem as well. Maybe you could find something you are really interested in like music for example and learn to play the guitar.

    I'm not very good with advice but I hope this helps, don't give up yet!

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    Ok I have to say this now, I suffer from depression ever day, it might not sure fun but get your bum to see your GP/Doctor, dr's are not bad people and you really need to see them I have been in A&E too many times this year over suicidal reasons its not fun belieave me

    I would go in to more detail but I really not feeling great for reading and writing today, tho I am taking part in the site you will see my posts are not that long and any really long topics I am over looking at the moment but this one really did pick my interest as I have my own problems like this.

    Mean time, listen to relaxing or hyper music nothing depressing this really does help, get your self lost in gaming when you can this also helps once again nothing with a depression story, CSS, Killing Floor, any kill zombie games also these help you get some feelings out lol

    Help others if you can, the more you help others out you will feel little better but this is not a fix, you need to go to the doctors as it could be a imbalance in your brain or it could be something else, really listen to your mum on that one, look at it all with a open mind like you do with diapers just keep a open mind, I hope you get better as I know feeling like this is well not PG-13 to say, hugs.

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    You should go see someone, a psychiatrist or a counsellor but you NEED to see someone soon. It's a slippery slope and you should get help before it is too late. Your mum only wants what is best for you and if she is willing to pay for you to see a psychiatrist then don't turn down her offer, she cares enough to get you help and you clearly need help so just go for a session or two and see how you get along with them. It won't kill you to try it out.

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    well one of the ways i get my mind off it is when i go skating and well i kinda skate alot but im not skating as much as i used to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bam6465 View Post
    ...thing would get worse if i do and say the cause of the depression...
    I used to think that the world was completely screwed up and that, if I told anyone why I was depressed they'd say, "Oh my goodness! You're right! Life is terrible! I hadn't thought of it like that, but now you've explained it to me I can understand how pointless and terrible everything is... and now I want to kill myself too!".

    Of course, I didn't want to put anyone else through the torment I was experiencing by allowing them to see "my way" (what I thought of as "the true way") of looking at the world; I thought it would be better to keep quiet about it and let them live their happy pointless lives in blissful ignorance.

    But... psychotherapists are trained to understand that way of thinking and have heard so much that I honestly think they're immune to being negatively affected by anything you say! There's even a chance that when you say something to them, they might say, "Have you ever thought of things like this..." or they can point out places where you might be jumping to conclusions about what society thinks, how important other people's opinions are or whatever issues are at the root of your distress. I like to pretend to myself that I'm quite intelligent. But my shrink has said things to me that have left my jaw on the floor as I've realised how crazy some of the things I think are... Actually... it's not so much what I think, it's what I just assume without really thinking about at all...

    What I'm trying to say... is that talking in private to someone who you can eventually learn to trust can be quite helpful and really shouldn't make "things get worse" if you explain what's on your mind. And the sooner you try to address the problems, the easier they will be to "resolve"... I wish I hadn't wasted years of my life just plodding on and trying to shut myself down instead of facing up to reality.

    At your age, I'd be very hesitant to take medication unless you really need it. It can mask the symptoms (and thus make you think that everything is fine when the problems may simply recur after you stop taking the drugs), and thus prolong the problem and make it harder to address the root cause. And there are increased risks in younger people and teenagers compared to adults taking comparable drugs/doses. But that's just a personal opinion (as I know almost nothing about you or your situation and I have no medical training) and something that you could discuss with a psychotherapist anyway.

    If your mum is happy to arrange for you to see a shrink, I'd take the offer if it were me. What's the worst that could happen? And what's the best that could happen? You won't hear this from a die-hard atheist very often, but isn't it worth taking a "leap of faith"?

    Good luck...

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    the only advice i can give is about the health care system in general I have done a little training in both counciling and psychology and before they are trained they must have a compete open mind and there view aren't there and never will be. You can tell them anything and they will help deal with this you don't need to worry about telling them they only care you are safe.
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