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Thread: learning japanese

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    Question learning japanese

    hey i have been looking at learning Japanese but i want to do it over the internet like youtube and google rather than applying for a school class or tutor. So i was wondering is there any good sites on this that u guys and girls know of?
    reasons why really anime and manga comics and movies, that and i find it fascinating

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    If you're into Anime then watch a load of it in Japanese with English subtitles for a while then theres a lot of websites that can show you the basic phrases. After watching Japanese anime you might not know what they say without subs but the words you learn will be familiar to you.

    Its not exactly a practical way to learn it but if it something you enjoy then you should pick up phrases pretty quick. Thats what i did, i but i've been talking Japanese for years. Learning a new Language is hard but i found Jap fairly easy

    Seikou Wo Inorimasu (for luck)
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    Watching anime is a pretty poor way to learn Japanese. I mean, you'll pick up common phrases and such, but there's no point if you don't want to watch the anime in the first place. Just search the internet for free Japanese learning resources and such. It's not exactly like it's hard to find site with that sort of stuff. The real problem is motivating yourself and finding something to apply it to... After learning enough basics, just force yourself to read stuff in Japanese...

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    If you asked me I hate learning Japanese because in my school beside learning Indonesian and English we also learn Japanese. I mean other school is learning German,French and I have to learn Japanese it's quite hard.

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    There is a nice free website called LiveMocha... They have very good Japanese lessons as well as the ability to engage in live conversation with people that can help you improve your language skills.

    Some even say it's better than Rosetta Stone.

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    Maybe it's just me, but Japanese really doesn't seem that complicated to learn. It's Kanji that is the hard part, and even then, you'd only really have to know ones that are common and can just look them up anyway.

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    yeah im not to bad at learning things i know basic french having said that it was at school. dunno i found some sights and ill try the ones surgested

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    I think Japanese is a pretty language, like French and Italian. I just speak Portuguese that is my native language, and understand many thing on English, I not going to say that I speak English, because in my mind to you say that you SPEAK some language, you must to have a totally understand it, and that is really not my case. Sorry this was completely RANDON TALK

    About learn Japanese, as they told above, there are many social networks focus on people that want to learn some new language.

    But in my opinion, there are many ways of you learn some new language, you can play games in that language, listen music, watch movies/series, I think that the important thing is you PRACTICE, you must exercise your knowledge…

    For example, I translated to my language some subtitles in English, of TV-Shows that i watched. And that was something pretty funny and educational, I would say.

    Another thing, is a kind fool advice, but I think for example, when you don’t know the meaning of a word, sometimes is better you search on Google image, and see by the image what means that word.. I mean, because something are more easy of you understand what they are, and the association if you see a Picture it.

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    You also can translate lyrcs music from your language to the language that you is learning.. Also, there are many YouTube vlogger with videos for example, teaching people to speak their language.

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    idk in school im gonna start takeing a class in german, until then id say try rosetta stone. hope this helps!

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    Yup, rosetta stone is incredibly useful. And you can simply google "hiragana" and "katakana" (two Japanese scripts, you can start with kanji at a later point) and start learning how to write. Search for pages that teach you the order of the strokes though.

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