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Thread: Should I buy a package of 14 Abena Abri-Form - X-Plus diapers?

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    Default Should I buy a package of 14 Abena Abri-Form - X-Plus diapers?

    Here's the situation:

    I have recently made a number of purchases, but I still have what *SHOULD be about 170 dollars in "spending money" - in part due to a summer time job as a math tutor, & in part due to having an extra $ 250 dollars left over from my storm chasing trip.

    I go back to school in 10 days, and since I will be in a double dorm room this fall, will not be making any more purchases until this winter.

    My Mom is out of town until Saturday night, and my Dad has to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    I just saw that I can order a package of M4's from for 21 dollars. AND the package will arrive tomorrow, when no one else will be here to know that I got the package.

    I have two concerns:
    1.) If I make the order from Northshorecare, will I have a significant risk of getting fliers and other things like that In the mail that my parents would find while I'm away at at school?
    2.)I've been feeling slightly guilty becuase I've made a number of purchases this summer, but I think that not buying any diapers this fall may mitigate that.

    Given these circumstances and concerns, would you make the purchase?

    If I wait until winter, will there still be the plastic backed Abinas?

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    Purchase them thru amazon via northshore care and you will not receive any other fliers, pamphlets, etc...

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    Yes. Medical supply stores tend to be discreet so I would think it highly unlikely that you'll get advertising flyers.

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    I remember getting fliers from HDIS all the time, I emailed them and told them to no longer send me fliers.

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    I buy from North Shore all the time and have never gotten anything in the way of flyers or ads in the mail. I do get email offers and diaper ads leading to North Shore appear on random web pages.

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    I just purchased from North Shore for the 1st time. I usually buy from XP Medical or AB Universe

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    I have heard from a few people that have, in the past, recieved direct mail advertising from NorthShoreCare. (Although I have not ordered from them myself, so I cannot say conclusively, and this is just hearsay.) I personally recommend getting them from You're paying the same list price ($20.95), and ensuring complete discreetness, as well as supporting a great company that really knows how to treat it's customers right (something that is becomming a lost art today).

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    I have ordered from northshorecare in the past as they seemed to have a bigger selection at the time. I received some adverts with my package and once after that in the mail with some coupons and specials and stuff. I now order just from xp medical and receive discrete shipping and never get any adverts or anything else in my mail and I get free shipping on cases. xp medical also seems to have a better selection of the different absorbencies of diapers unlike north shore which carries many brands with few choices in absorbency. as far as feeling guilty its your money and you can buy what you want with it.

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