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Thread: Ever had that one person who just, disappeared?

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    Default Ever had that one person who just, disappeared?

    Whether it be here on ADISC, another site or even real life. There seems to be one person who you'll be speaking to one day then *boop* you never hear from them again?

    I've met one or two on ADISC who've been like that. One who was a pretty cool guy too. Shame really.

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    Yah that happed to me 2 times in real life, is sucks to loose a friend.

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    I had it happen once buut it was my fault in all honesty. My friend moved up to Oregon and I saw him once and during the next summer I accidentally washed the piece of paper that had his phone number on it.

    Since then his dad moved out of the house they both lived here in Stockton and I can't recall his mom's name who he was with up in Springfield Oregon. I do remember his name but trough social media, I haven't been able to find him yet.

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    Yup. I had a best friend from high school become an alcoholic and practically fall off the face of the earth. He has been such an ass at times through the years though, so I don't really care if I ever see him again.

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    Well I've been through these couple of time from real-life friend, Online and also in ADISC. I only wish the best and hope we can meet again.

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    I have had this happen several times online. Sometimes they eventually return, months or years later. Sometimes I never hear from them again.

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    Had it happen several times, online and in real life. Actually it was just yesterday i was thinking about someone that i just noticed had "dissapeared" after not talking to them in months.


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    I had it happen to me 60 years ago. My dad. Never heard from him again. It happened on new years eve day in 1952.

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    Sorry oleman. It seems to happen all to often. I've simply failed to write to or call old friends, and now I don't even know how to contact them. It's probably why I dream about them.

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