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Thread: Chrysler May sell Viper

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    Default Chrysler May sell Viper

    Ive heard news that Chrysler plans t sell the Viper to a third party customer, They say that they would continue to financially support it but it still disappoints me. If they do it i'll still follow the car to see what happens with it, but if they ruin it, I probably would move over to Chevy...

    Heres a link to the story:Sports Cars Fans: Chrysler may sell Dodge Viper rather than kill it

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    Yeah, it is sad!! Do you remember the T.V. movie & show "Viper"?

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    Never got to see it but I looked it up and now I want to watch it.

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    I doubt very much Gm will have any interst in the viper, they have one of the worlds best selling sports cars now.

    And so far as I can see the merger isn't going to happen and chrysler is looking elsewhere now, for financial support.

    I used to drive alot of chrysler prouducts growing up, there were always cheap cars, that were easy to work on, and make them go fast, but had weak bodys that rusted very quickly.

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    Heard this a long time ago... it's probably going to happen.

    I don't know if Chrysler will find anyone willing to buy them... they'll just be further broken up by Cerberus and shoved down the drain.

    When Cerberus first bought Chrysler I gave them 5 years max to break up the company and sell all the parts... now I may have to revise my estimate, looks like they are moving a couple of years ahead of schedule.

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    Yeah, but thinking about it, if they're going to sell it because its not their "halo" car and it doesn't have the same spark it used to, I can't see it happening because the new ACR seemed to bring the spark back into the Viper or at least thats what I thought.

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