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Thread: Hullo everyone.. ^^

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    Talking Hullo everyone.. ^^

    Shy new kid here, just wanting to say hello! I'm a 21 year old gay girl but I love to roleplay as a little boy. I am a big toy fanatic especially stuffed animals. My dream is to own a onesie and try diapers for the first time, even though I'm a little too big for them I can't seem to give them up... potty training is SO boring!! I do have footie pajamas with penguins on them which are really comfy... not sure how old I want to be, I just need the right mommy and daddy to show me the way maybe!

    Anyway PLEASE talk to me anytime, I try hard to be nice to everyone and I love listening to all your stories. I wonder if there are any other lesbian kiddies like me... hmmm

    Love Coffee

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I enjoyed your introduction. I'm one of the writers on the site, though my three stories are buried on back pages. It's the way of a blog site. Besides, I typically write horror/scary. It's a male thing I suppose. I'm bi and very accepting of anyone's sexuality as I've lived an interesting and diverse life...haha. I enjoy riding my bike out on the trails. What do you enjoy doing for recreation? Hobbies?

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    Hi there, welcome to ADISC! You're soo lucky you have footies, I really want some! Yours sound really cute! What are your hobbies besides AB stuff? What do you do in your free time?

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