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Thread: Started something I thought I wouldn't do again

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    Default Started something I thought I wouldn't do again

    ..And that would be soiling. Never thought about it until recently, in which then I do it in a controlled environment (bathroom) to keep the stink in there.

    I of course showered after all despite not being too much. :P

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    Lol. I always tell myself I'll never poop in diapers ever again. But I always eventually do it again.

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    Pooping can be. So much fun! I'd suggest getting the largest adult nappy's you can (no adult pullups) and a pair of plastics I've sat in bed in a full nappy for upto an hour with no leaks and no noticeable smell, the plastics stop the smell and if you don't wet too much they will hold the poop perfectly fine then just shower! Try and enjoy sitting in the in bed, the first time I did it in the bathroom, it takes all the fun out of it!

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