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Thread: So I found a mommy pt. 2 ...or is that 3?

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    Default So I found a mommy pt. 2 ...or is that 3?

    Yes, I'm alive. Hope you all been well. Sorry I've been so distant, been crazy swamped with that thing we call life. No, not the board game though that's a soul sucker too ...especially when you spin the wheel to get the shittiest pay salary out of everyone.

    I would like to start my return with a new thread, in the "AB" section even, rarity for me!

    First things first though, I realize this forum is populated by new faces all the time. You will be clueless as to what I'm referencing unless you read this first.

    Now with that out of the way I like to share some updates. I'm still with the mommy I mentioned at the end of that post. Our biggest hurdle has always been the distance factor, it sucks, and I absolutely hate it. That would be my attempt at a mini temper tantrum. *grins* It's understandable though as much as I hate to admit it. I can't expect her to just pick up her life and go. Selfishness will get you no where in this world, It's been a true test though, one I feel like I never stopped taking. Some of you might relate to this, you ever have that moment when you're staring at the clock at school just waiting for that bell to go off but it feels like it's taunting you as it adds time onto the clock out of the blue? The hands of the clock mock you, when they reach the 12 you feel like it's literally flicking you off. Every damn tock, ticks you the hell off. That's how I feel with her, at least that's how I know I should feel but then reality gets the best of me and paints a clearer picture of the way things have to be. Just like a toddler I pout with the terms of my fate clearly set in front of me. Sucks.

    Everything just reached a breaking point. Not a break up though. I won't fault her, I refuse to do that. I've made it clear that I'm right here whenever shes ready. I have no idea what even gave me the idea to do this but I started to look at the local classifieds . Craigslist to be exact. I searched a few weeks, nothing. Well unless I wanted to pay out the ass for some fake love. No thanks.

    Out of the blue I did eventually find someone and it's been a interesting adventure so far. Her ad didn't have the typical code words like abdl but yet she referred to herself as mommy. The post wasn't full on sexual related like much of Craiglists personal listings are. Good lord theres some scary ads out there! What can I say though? I was intrigued and I decided to hit her up not having a clue what to expect. Let this be a lesson, take chances get nowhere without them. Imagine my surprise when I did get a reply though which has led to many more. The real shocker though is she knew nothing of this crazy world of ABDL until me. She seems accepting, "curious" as she calls it but not running for the hills at least.

    I'm left with a difficult task of trying to teach her all that I know, Whose to say what will happen. I'm fully prepared to accept the bombshell of being called a freak if it comes down to it. Not like it's the first time for that to happen. I feel like it's worth the risk though if it translates into potential gain. The fact she's local is bonus points as well.

    You're probably wondering, so what about your other mommy? Nothing has changed in those regards. I make it a point to be honest with everyone. They know of each other, yes. I don't want to turn away or hurt anyone so I'll leave it at that.

    Updates when I have em and as always thanks for your time. Feels good to be back and actually have something to contribute.

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    You should get her (or tell her about) some diaper/ageplay books. There are a couple of good ones out there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbbabsie View Post
    You should get her (or tell her about) some diaper/ageplay books. There are a couple of good ones out there..
    She already has a huge advantage by finding me. I have over 24 years of experience in this world of crazies. I made it clear as well that I will teach her what I know as long as she's up to it and comfortable with it. Ask questions, get answers.

    I might get two of the books that have a popular mention but I'm not giving them to her until I read them myself. Everyone has their own reasoning of why they are the way they are. I don't think a single author can pinpoint someone to a tee. We're all different, thank god. Yes it will offer a deeper understanding to her and it's always nice to have proof that you're not alone in this mix. We shall see, I'm just excited for future prospects.

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    Interesting and unusual circumstance. Most people in the market for ABDL parents seem to struggle to find one that is suitable and you're working on the second one at the same time. It's good that they're both aware of each other and accepting. I'm not sure how I'd take that in the same situation. Caretaking that's occasional or by opportunity wouldn't concern me but an ongoing, steady relationship of that kind seems primarily singular to me, even if it's only familial. Then again, I've never been presented with that particular situation, so perhaps the reality would feel different.

    I hope this works out well for everyone involved. I wonder what your new friend was advertising for as a "mommy" but not in an ABDL sense?

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    The reason I think books are always a good idea is that I find people tend to be more open and accepting when they see something official in print...I'm sure you are a wealth of information, and have more answers than the books do, but the books might be a good start to ease her into it.

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