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Thread: So Bolt won the 100 meters, what is your sport?

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    Default So Bolt won the 100 meters, what is your sport?

    So... Bolt won the 100 meters yesterday, and won the 100 meters 4 years ago. Quite the accomplishment and what a race, I absolutely loved it! Of course he is one of the most high-profile athletes during the Olympics, but all athletes accomplish great things, some perhaps greater than others!

    So I was wondering what your athletic accomplishments are? Any sport really, from egg-spoon racing to proper pro sports.

    I am not a big sportsman these days, but I did pretty well when I was younger. No olympic level for me, but I was a decent athlete, mainly at the throwing-events (Javelin, discus) and I did well in in sub-national competitions. In my early teens I did judo for a while and became regional champion in that. Nowadays I don't do much sports, I tore my achilles-tendon when I was 22 and it never healed properly. I still cycle a lot and I can keep a decent speed for a long time and I simply love the feeling of cycling, but I don't do anything competitively anymore.

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    I was a sprinter in school. 100m, 200m and 400m. The 200m was my best and favourite event. I represented my school in the county championships in that event when I was 14 and came third, which was pretty good considering I'm really not a sporting person generally. Nowadays my old and creaky joints wouldn't let me do sports even if I wanted to.

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    I was confused at first, because I thought you meant our Bolt :P

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    I was an okay swimmer and cross country runner in high school, though by no means great or anything. Let's just say at least I tended not to finish last

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    I played men's league softball and went up against a team made up of the coaching staff from The Hillcats, the A team for the Pittsburgh Pirates, at the time. I played 2nd base.

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    Mountain biker myself. I'm not too bad either, placing in my category in all the races I've done.

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    in school I was part of the rugby & hockey teams, outside of that i do Tae-Kwon-Do (i've won a gold medal in hand & foot destruction, patterns, full contact sparring, semi contact sparring & Bo Staff patterns at the british championships) , cani-cross (normally finsh around sixth), Windsurfing & i'm taking up shooting in the next few weeks

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    rip curl pro surfing

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    silver medalist (Best All-rounder) at the 2012 Diaper Wearing World Championships (a competition somewhat overshadowed by the Ol' Limpy Hicks).

    other than that, various marital arts (inc. comp level kick-boxing), rugby union at school (also did quite well in school athletics, despite my size - still got my certificate!), kayaking, free-climbing, other stuff and i was starting out in snowboarding when i got injured at work and haven't been able to do bugger-all, since.

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    I'm a swimmer. Although the Olympian's times are a bit less than half my times usually...

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