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Thread: Being a DL and having a baby...

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    Default Being a DL and having a baby...

    So, me and my fiance are expecting our first child, a baby girl, in about 2 months. I'm curious to know from other people that have been through this, how does changing wet and messy baby diapers 7-10 times a day affect your desire to wear adult diapers??
    Part of me thinks that i might get sick of diapers after having to deal with changing the baby 24/7, and other part of me thinks that i will want to wear them more often because i will be surrounded by them and therefor i will be thinking about them more often.

    any thoughts???

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    I've been through this twice, and to make matters even more awkward, I prefer baby diapers to the adult kind. And? I was pretty nervous about changing diapers! I knew that if I was even slightly aroused by it, I would hate myself in a major way.

    Fortunately, that never happened. Changing a baby's diaper was immediately a mundane, mechanical thing, and there seemed to be a pretty thick wall between it and my diaper interests. In fact, seeing diapers used for their intended purpose was slightly off-putting, and so I would say that I wore diapers somewhat less often during the years that my kids needed them.

    I bet you'll be fine.

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    I remember when my sister had to move back home with her husband and my niece while they moved house (it took six months) I was really worried about it but was never a problem, sure I'd glance at the stack of nappies every now and then but by that time I had my own so no problem! Your far more likely to find it awkward as they get older and you have to hide your diapers from them!

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    I am in the same boat as skirtedbaby. My wife and I are expecting our first child in about 4 months. The same concern has crossed my mind more than a few times. However, I know the difference between the baby wearing diapers and my diaper wearing. The baby is a necessity, mine are for comfort and pleasure. I also agree with Cottontail in that I am sure that the action of changing a baby's diaper will be a matter of a daily routine, something the needs to be done so frequently that it could be likened to a near automated response action.

    It is my guess that my own diaper wearing will likely diminish as I will be busy dealing with the baby often enough that I may wear less frequently. However, I do not think that having a baby, raising a child will be enough to completely snuff out my own personal desires to be in diapers.

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    Was never an issue (parent and grandpa...). For me, fantasy and reality have always been separate worlds with clearly defined boundaries.

    When my kids were little and again when grandkids lived with us, my diapers went on hiatus. Too much to do, not enough time and too little privacy, except for a few times in hotel rooms while I was away on business.

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    As a father I thought it was going to be off putting, however I have never associated changing my son with me wearing diapers.
    It is how you place the task in your head. For me changing my son is a job, me wearing diapers is fun. So long as you don't mix the two train of thoughts in your head you will be fine.

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    I didn't wear for months because I lost interest in wearing. I was happy not wearing them. Also changing my son did nothing for me. I just changed him because it had to be done. Then I started to wear again when he was eight months. I did wear around him with nothing over them but he was young and wouldn't remember a thing when he is older.

    You may lose interest in the AB/DL lifestyle for a while but that is normal. But don't get rid of your diapers and baby stuff. I was so glad I never got rid of my stash.

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    I do not have an issue with this. I have a five month old and changing her is nothing like being diapered myself. My wife knows and starts my night time diapering. I finish the top tapes because when she does it get tight enough.

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    Like others have mentioned, it really is a completely different mental approach when your child needs to be changed and has to wear. I wear for pleasure only and it really does not cross my mind in the same way. I was put off for several months, I think mainly because you are tired and so consumed in the beginning with your new family member. It took about 6-8 months before i was thinking about wearing again. When my son started potty training about a year or so later, I actually found myself using his unused diapers as a stuffer. Nothing needed to go to waste.

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    A few times when my kids were in diapers, when no one was home for a time, I would borrow one and put it in my pants, held in place with my underpants, even wet carefully. I didn't start buying grownup-size diapers until later.

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