Hello again.

I posted an intro a few years ago (back in 2008), however I haven't really been that active since. I've always been quite a lurker, but I've decided to become bit more active again, hence I thought I'd redo an intro post.

I'm a research scientist - I spend all day in a lab making drugs, which is pretty cool if I say so myself.

I love to cook - virtually everything I eat is homemade (don't think I've ever even bought a jar of pasta sauce!)

Music-wise I'm quite into breakbeat, erring on the side of psy-breaks; 'hard' drum and base and techno/dance. Basically, the kind of music that absolutely no-one else in my lab likes!

The sea-side is my most favourite place to be; I can easily spend all day walking along the sand picking up cool bits of seaglass and shells.

I'm a very shy fella and if I must admit and quite anxious to the level of selective mutism at times, which is not cool.

As for the *b/dl stuff - I'm an equal split although I'm much more of a 'kidult'/little boy than *b.

I'm basically here just to chat and whatnot.

So, yeah, hello again.