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Thread: Anyone else disappointed?

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    Question Anyone else disappointed?

    So this is a story about my first experience and how my life got flipped turned upside down(jk). Sometime in mid-July i was given the perfect oppertunity to go to my local cvs and buy goodnites! Being the go-getter i am, i took that oppertunity by the horns.

    I have been a DL since second grade, and it was my first and most powerful fetish ive ever had....or so i thought. There was this one time when i was 10/11 years old and found a luvs sample under my bathroom sink, obviously i put that baby on the same night, it was the most sexually excited i have ever been in my entire life. This was before i discovered masturbation at around age 14. So, after years and years of research, diaper vids, abdl forum reading, and anticipation i finally have that pack of XL goodnites i have wanted forever.

    The time was right and i was alone, i slid it on and enjoyed :P.

    A few days go by with me wearing as often as i can, and i realize, this is not what i was expecting, just feels like another undergarment to me. Me being a DL, diapers are(or were) sexual for me, and ever since my first diaper, i couldnt get "excited" knowing a diaper was hugging my crotch. Now i am thinking that this isnt a fetish for me anymore and i am hardly wearing ever.

    Anyone else feel this disappointment?

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    It's difficult to say with any degree of certainty as to what you might be feeling or going through. I have heard stories of people pursuing things (sometimes relationships) only to find that after such a long pursuit, they finally get what they were chasing after only to find that it isn't all it was cracked up to be. It is difficult to say if this is your case, that the pursuit has taken some of the excitement out of diapers, or if you are actually loosing interest in diapers. I think there is only one sure fire way to tell what is going on with how you feel. TIME. Time will bear out the truth for you. The pursuit might have caused you to temporarily loose interest; however, if you are a DL the interest will likely return. If it does not, then no big deal, and you learned that you have navigated through but one phase in your life. There are more phases to come.

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    Thank you. And i have done a lot of thinking about it i have came up with some theories and i would agree with you 100%. I'm thinking the constant anticipation and excitement has taken a toll and its' actual greatness. Time truly is the healer of all things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miracole View Post
    Time truly is the healer of all things.
    Well, in this case I would say it bears out the truth, LOL. However, as I have read on here so many times and agree with. If you plan on quitting, just put your diapers in a place where they will not be easily discovered and let time sort things out for you. Since obtaining diapers can be a bit of a challenge in your case; if you decide later to wear again, you will have them available.

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    I'm glad you got the opportunity to finally get some diapers. You're going to enjoy them very much, I'm sure. My post contains mature content, so just a heads up.

    Its common for young people to feel a rush of sexual excitement when they first get diapers. That's completely natural. As a fetish object you enjoy, you're going to respond with lots of emotion if you've never experienced them before. I was so eager to get my fist package of Bambinos because I felt much the same way you did.

    Definitely worth mentioning is a similar experience as yours on Radix's blog called the Babyfur Den. I've been following him for a few years now. When he was younger, he'd find ways to acquire diapers to cope with his feelings. Its a hard thing to deal with growing up! You will be tempted to satisfy your needs, even if it means taking diapers from places like nurseries. Not saying its morally right, but temptations can be overwhelming, especially if its a sexual thing. Getting them for the first time is a definite rush.

    Anyway, onto the main point of your post. I wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel when you say you can't get excited. Diapers "lose the magic" after awhile, just like food, music, or video games. If you indulge in them too often, they cease to be entertaining. A lot of 24/7 wearers tell me they feel like this. If you masturbate in them especially, they get boring fast. Your orgasm isn't going to be as profound if you fap every two days as if you waited a whole week. Beyond the sexual aspect, I sometimes wonder if I feel too comfortable with my fetish now. I purchased two packs of adult diapers from a thrift store recently, and wasn't even phased carrying them to the counter and down the street. These sort of things used to freak me out tremendously. So suffice it to say, I've adapted to it. I miss the days where I'd be a little nervous about buying supplies in public.

    Anyway, I hope you regain the magic. I definitely think you will! Just pace yourself, and you'll have a good time. Hope this helps. Good vibes.

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    Well, hate to disappoint you, but you were bound to find out sooner or later. Life is like that. Its rare that things fully live up to expectations.

    After getting your drivers license, you find out how expensive cars, gas, and insurance are.

    After having sex, she ends up pregnant or gives you some loathsome disease. Maybe both.

    All things considered, diapers being a little less exciting than you expected isn't all that bad.

    That said, my first diaper experience was almost magical (first orgasm... need I say more?), and still feels pretty good 50 years later. Maybe you need to try cloth diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkio View Post
    I'm glad you got the opportunity to finally get some diapers. You're going to enjoy them very much, I'm sure.
    Diapers "lose the magic" after awhile, just like food, music, or video games. If you indulge in them too often, they cease to be entertaining.
    Good point there Falkio! That one escaped me. I don't wear as often as I did when I lived in Ohio. But you are correct. I remember more than once where I had indulged in diaper wearing to a point where I lost interest in them too. But eventually the desire returned and I found myself back in diapers again.

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    I wonder what would happen if you changed things up a bit, like tape on diapers and a onsie? I find that time off helps in rebuilding desire. For the most part, I'm on time off at the moment. My mother-in-law is visiting and we got a new, very active puppy which has demanded a lot of my time. I'm also out on the bike trail riding and writing in the afternoon. Sometimes it's just good to take a break and let nature take its course. The urge will most likely return and then it becomes more natural and more enjoyable to indulge at that time.

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    Well, variety is the spice of life. Of course things will get boring if you do it over and over again. Even the coolest things lose their appeal over time if they become normality.

    One way I have always liked to spice things up was to do diaper dares, and give out diaper dares on getdare (Warning: Some sections of that site are quite NSFW). It can almost turn diaper-wearing into a game of sorts. A lot of dares are pretty horrible, but there are some pretty good ones occasionally.

    Another way that always did it for me was attempting to draw diapered anything, in my case, usually anime.

    When you do a variety of things, and not just wear them for the sake of wearing them, I find the appeal comes back.

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    I agree with the others who have posted on this thread but I just want to add that the lack of excitement now could just be because goodnites suck. I felt the same way when I first got my hands on a goodnites, fun for a few days but blah after that. Trying real adult diapers was infinitely better. Until you wear something that actually feels like a diaper I wouldn't jump to any hasty conclusions.

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