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Thread: Waking Up in a fully wet diaper

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    Red face Waking Up in a fully wet diaper

    Does anybody find it amazing when you get out of bed in a fully wet diaper and feeling the diaper sagging a bit. I enjoy this, I just got out of bed and my diaper is pretty wet, being I'm also a bed wetter I can't help it and yet last night I did drink a bit and drank a lot of water.

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    Yeah, it's really nice. But my diapers often leak if I don't control how much I pee, so I prefer to only wet daytime.

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    I've never actually woken up wet, but when I wake up I do like to wet my diaper (if I'm wearing, of course) and go back to sleep for an hour or so.

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    I often sleep on my side and I sometimes have leakage problems at night so "fully wet" means I'm worrying about the bed being wet too. Recently I've been wearing plastic pants over the top and through sheer luck I've found some that fit perfectly and they work brilliantly. This morning was the first morning I've woken up with a soaked diaper and not been worried about it. That was a pretty good feeling.

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    I get up wet every morning wet with my diaper sagging inside my plastic pants. I haven't had any leaks that way. I'll move around and get mi coffee and take my

    pills'. Most times I'll pee again before I take it off.

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    I still wet on occasion and I love the feeling of waking up wet, and always have. I love the feeling of a sagging diapers between my legs.

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    I love waking up in a wet diaper. Especially when it so wet it leaks. Even when it leaks I love to wear it for at least 30 minutes before changing.

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    I agree waking up and keeping on the saggy wet diaper for a bit is nice.

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    It is nice I very much go through my morning routine in it then get cleaned up the rest of the way and go to work.

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    I don't wet in my sleep, but I almost always have to get up to pee at night. What I wish I could do is wear a diaper, wake up and wet, and go back to sleep. Trouble is it takes so much conscious effort to wet lying down that I'm too awake. I suppose if I practice enough I could get myself trained to let go in that position... What I wind up doing is waking up a few minutes before my usual time, wet in my diaper, then get up and, as many others do, drink coffee, read the news, eat breakfast, and continue wetting until my diaper is leaking or it's time to go. If I have not diapers sometimes I'll start wetting in my shorts on the way to the bathroom to get that wet saggy feeling.

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