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Thread: Wearing and wetting at work...

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    Default Wearing and wetting at work...

    I decided to go to the office today to get some work done. It is an ideal opportunity to wear a diaper and wet a diaper with reasonable privacy on a Sunday morning. I love the feeling of a warm, wet puffed up diaper between my legs as I walk around the office taking care of things. It feels so naughty too!

    So far two wettings into the diaper and it is holding up well. I really like the warm, rewarding feeling.


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    I work Sundays too, in a factory and I almost wore last night's underused ATN in this morning but thought better of it. I should have as I had the place to myself till mid day, too hot for my coworkers. Mabey next week.

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    I am a software developer... So I can wear anytime I want at work with very little chance of being noticed. And even if I did, I doubt anyone would mention anything anyway.

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    I wear at work too but only work part time so I feel quite safe. There have been times when I have wet a bit too much so have taken to wearing plastic pants as a precaution and by the time I have finished work I am generally ready for a change

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    I do deliveries so I'm in my car a lot of the day. I often wear a diaper to work. I don't usually wet until the day is coming to an end so I can change at home. I do carry spares and I wear undies over the diaper in case I get in a situation where I go in the diaper and can't change conveniently... just take the diaper off and clean up with TP. I'm not anyplace for very long so the chance of someone noticing would be about zip.

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    I used to wear at work from time to time when i had a desk job repairing laptops. Unfortunately now i work for an electrical contractor and there's no way i could get by in a diaper and not be noticed, nor would there be anywhere to stash diapers or change. My longest running stint in diapers was actually when i was in high school. I wore diapers 24/7 for a week straight. I changed in a stall in the school restrooms and kept a small supply of diapers in my backpack.

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    I wear to work and usually in a full day I have to change twice. I use the disabled toilet, wrap the used one in a plastic bag and put it in the bin in there. I'm sure people have figured out by now that it's me, but I'm past caring whether they know or not. If anyone mentioned it I would say they're mine, and why.

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    I wear my depends maximum protection breifs to work everyday an change whenever needed. People I think figured it out by now who's they are when seeing them on top of the pile of garbage in the garbage can but nothing was ever said and im sure sents u work close with people then had to of course hed the crinkle sound when walking or Bennington over near them but nothing was ever said about it.

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