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    I know Walgreens diapers are cheaper but in terms of how many wettings you can get out of one diaper,in the long run would it be cheaper to pay more for a name brand? What brand do y'all suggest and what is the bulkiest and most baby like diaper for not too much money? Thanks and I hope this makes sense!

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    As far as what is available in stores... You actually would have to look pretty hard to find something better than the walgreens/CVS fitted briefs. They are actually a lot better than the 'name-brand' depends. One can hold two good wettings in most cases, but I almost always double them up. Cut 2 slits all the way down the length of the first diaper (about where the yellow/blue lines are) and then put the second diaper over it. You can easily flood a double upped walgreens brand diaper and it will hold almost as much as most 'premium' diapers.

    As far as bulkiest.. hands down.. Dry 24/7 (not exactly the most 'affordable' though)
    Most babyish... would probably be the bambino's, again.... not too cheap.

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