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Thread: Hello from a sissy in Massachusetts

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    Default Hello from a sissy in Massachusetts

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you're all doing well. Long time reader, first time poster here... excited to have finally joined this site. I'm all over some of the other sites (FetLife, RUPadded, Diaper-Bois, etc.), but never joined here.

    But here I am...! I am a 27 year old sissy little girl excited to make friends and engage in conversations about this lifestyle. As a little girl, I range in age from 3 to 13 depending on who I'm with, how I'm feeling and how I'm dressed. I love the little girl lifestyle and sometimes wish I was a real little girl instead of a sissy. The thought of playing on the playground, my dress blowing with the wind, my panties peeking out when I flip on the monkey bars and giggle with my little girlfriends sounds like bliss! Of course, when I'm on the younger end of that age range I'm diapered because I still have accidents. When I'm in my diaper I don't know how to go potty at all and make peepee and poopy in my pants.

    Outside of this world, I'm an educated, funny, well-intentioned adult. I enjoy seeing movies and making movies, engaging in conversations about all sorts of things with others, and generally enjoying life. I live in the Boston area but also spend a bit of time in New York City fairly often. I'm interested in education (especially informal education) for teens and children (and, of course, it goes without saying that my 'private life' sissyness stays out of that 150%) and enjoy spending time making a difference in the lives of others.

    I'm hoping to meet others through this site for friendship and conversation. I've been 'around this world' for more than 15 years online but have not really made any connections that have lasted the long-haul. I'd like to find friends that at the least understand and the most are also interested in AB/DL/sissy stuff so I have people I feel comfortable talking about this with. Sure, I might blush when I admit that I'm just a little girl inside, but knowing I'm sharing it with someone who is understanding and non-judgemental would mean a lot to me. If I'm able to find someone (or someoneS) who are local and interested in meeting up for playtime, all the better, but that's not my primary interest in this site (definitely a secondary interest, though!).

    Have I rambled enough? Feel free to check me out on fetlife for more about my interests in the AB world. My username is AgePlaySwitch.

    Please reach out and say hello! I look forward to hearing from you!

    Jessica (or John, if you're talking to me as an adult)

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    Oh wow what a introduction, eh, Jessica? I'm not sure if you've bumped into me as I don't hang out at 'kink' sites but anyways I'm of the species adult little girl, trans and also have a catgirl fursona and if that wasn't enough do have 'special needs' and pawley(tm) paws! I'm to be found at forum/ plus FA when I'm not here, publish my own alg blog (details on the profile), spending my spare time in school girl attire including uniform and follow the big little podcast.
    Is there a particular genre of movie that appeals to you?

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    A little sad I didn't get any other responses... I thought a real, solid introduction would garner interest in chatting. Oh well!

    If anyone is in NYC or Boston and interested in a sissy in diapers (talking to, meeting with... whatever), please reach out!

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    You are always welcome on this site, to our global community . Great intro btw. Don't worry if you got one or ten the first post. You will always find people here who will talk about anything, and you are sure to find a friend. We have the whole range: pure DLs, pure ABs, sissy ABs, female ABs, TBs, Furries, everything in between, and even non-ABDL incontinents.

    I myself am a 39-year-old who was a DL since 3 and has recently found his non-sexual AB side. I believe I had a tiny amount of cross-gender DL fantasies when I was a little kid but that was the extent of my LG/SB. I'm happy to be a cute little baby boy.

    Take care,

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    Welcome to Adisc. Oh my thats one big/great introduction. I hope you enjoy your time here.


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