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Thread: Anyone have any advice on where to find old style, 4 tab Attends?

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    Default Anyone have any advice on where to find old style, 4 tab Attends?

    Maybe I am in the minority, but I always preferred the old 4 tab, institutional Attends diapers to the 6 tab, elastic waist version. The 4 tab (American style 4 tab) Attends had softer, smoother plastic and stayed pretty thick whereas the waist band style just got thinner and thinner, changed the plastic design to be a rougher texture and added those stupid number codes in place of the wetness indicator lines. I liked the 4 tab style even better than Bambinos and for years they were easy to find and were my go to diaper. Now that Attends are starting to go with "cloth-like" covers (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) they seem to have all but disappeared, aside from incredibly high priced blocks on ebay every once in a while. Anyone have any hook ups on a source for these? I am still not even sure they make them anymore. Is vintage my only option?

    No one?
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